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Gender: Female
Hometown: Wisconsin
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The most violent element in society is ignorance. Emma Goldman

Journal Archives

Hillary Clinton on Cuba: new tactic, same goal

By Gloria La Riva
Aug 04, 2015

In a presidential campaign stop in Miami on July 31, Hillary Clinton called for lifting the U.S. blockade of Cuba, or embargo as some call it.

Clinton said, “The Cuba embargo 
needs to go, once and for all.”

It sounds amazing, coming from a politician who never lost an opportunity to rail against the Cuban Revolution.

Clinton continues to be openly hostile to Cuba’s sovereignty, its independence and socialism.

< snip>

Does she mean the kind of leadership that dragged Mexico’s economy under, with the U.S.-engineered 1994 NAFTA treaty, or more recently the 2009 U.S.-backed military coup in Honduras? “American leadership” in Latin America meant the destruction of hundreds of thousands of lives until countries began to shake off U.S. domination with ALBA and other alliances ...

More here: https://www.liberationnews.org/my-article-ready-to-post/

Gloria La Riva is a labor, community and anti­-war organizer based in San Francisco, Calif., and is the 2016 Presidential Candidate of the Party for Socialism and Liberation. Her running mate is Eugene Puryear, a Washington, D.C.-based activist. Learn more about the candidates, their 10-Point Program and how to get involved in the PSL’s “Vote Socialist in 2016!” campaign at www.VotePSL.org.

People's World on Bernie -

Interesting article on BLM and Bernie in People's World. In fact, very interesting when you consider that Communist Party USA owns People's World - it's their publication. Why on earth would they choose to compare Bernie Sanders to Donald Trump and completely ignore the supposedly popular "front-runner" Hillary Clinton? Honestly, it made me want to vomit. Has Communist Party USA been co-opted by the DNC? I will let you decide -

The left’s challenge: facing institutional and individual racism
by: Joel Wendland
August 12 2015

This is going to sound harsh but for me there is noteworthy parallel (note, I say parallel rather than equivalence) between the phenomenon of Donald Trump's garbage and the support by his followers in the past few days and the reaction of the Bernie Sanders campaign and its supporters to a couple of protests at rallies held to give Sanders a platform for his campaign.

We can learn about the dominant ideological positioning of the Trump campaign, the Republicans generally, and the extremism of the bulk of their vocal primary supporters by the apparent response of many GOP voters to the Megyn Kelly/GOP-FOX debate kerfuffle. The tenor of the backlash to Kelly's strong questions about Trump's sexism (notably not lodged against the nine other sexists on the platform) and other of Trump's critics reveal how obviously, sexism, racism, xenophobia, homophobia, transphobia, and anti-working-class sentiments are at a fever pitch over on the right.

With this in mind, what does the response of Sanders' supporters and his campaign to the events in Seattle this past weekend suggest about what is happening over here on the left? Focused and emotionally intense criticisms that range from denunciations of the protesters' "tactics" to denunciations of one of them as a Palin supporter or as Hillary Clinton plants or whatever is to me revealing of how some of us on the left handle public discomfort addressing racism-our own and the power structure's. Defenses of Sanders' record in the 1960s and making the point that he hired an African American woman in his social media campaign ring hollow, with good reason, for too many people. (They seem to parallel Trump's own claim that he can't be sexist because he likes women CEOs or whatever garbage fell from his bloated yap.)

Here: http://peoplesworld.org/the-left-s-challenge-facing-institutional-and-individual-racism/

Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Seventy years ago, the United States committed one of the most horrific atrocities in military history. Why?
by Jonah Walters ~ 8-9-15

Seventy years ago today, the United States detonated a plutonium implosion-type atomic bomb over the Japanese city of Nagasaki, killing between 40,000 and 80,000 people.

It was only the second time an atomic weapon had been used in warfare. The first time had occurred three days before, when the United States dropped a uranium gun-type atomic bomb on Hiroshima. Between 90,000 and 170,000 people died in that attack.

It was one of the greatest wartime atrocities ever perpetrated. The United States political and military establishment unleashed all the destructive power of the most potent weapons ever created on two civilian populations of little strategic importance. It was a brutal show of force that announced the arrival of the new American superpower and helped establish the stakes of the Cold War.

< snip>

It wasn’t about ending the war. It was about announcing American willingness to use doomsday weapons on civilian populations. In August 1945, President Truman and the American establishment held a gun to the head of the entire world. And that gun remains in place to this day ...

Read here (not that long - a good summary): https://www.jacobinmag.com/2015/08/hiroshima-nagasaki-atomic-bomb-guide-unnecessary/

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