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How to NOT get anything done!

We have not been feeding our birds for a couple of years because the deer were eating all the bird seed. It got so the deer were scarfing up as much as 40 pounds in one night and I just cannot afford that!

Last weekend we moved the stands for the bird feeders closer to the house and I hung out hummingbird feeders - the hummers have been spending a lot of winters at some places around the county, including some Western hummers that came east instead of going south. No hummers so far.

Hubby had moved the old bird feeders with the stands and this morning when I brought my coffee in, the perches on both feeders outside the windows were full with chipping sparrows. I bought some bird seed yesterday, so I went out and filled the feeders.

Within twenty minutes, the word was out - the feeders were FULL! I logged 12 chipping sparrows, 4 chickadees, 4 titmice, 1 white breasted nuthatch, 6 goldfinch, 1 female cardinal, 2 blue jays (who did not come to the feeders, but yelled at the other birds from the tree), 2 pine warblers, and another warbler I never did identify - it was very plain and could be an immature of any number of warbler. The normal murder of crows cruised by and a few turkeys vultures floated over while catching a thermal off the open field.

It was so much fun watching the little birds come and go, I got pretty much nothing done today. Well, I did feed the birds.

Tonight when I let the cat in, there were three deer up near the house. I hassled them until they left, but they may get bold enough to get close enough to eat out of the feeders again even though they are only four feet from the windows. Maybe I need a motion activated light or alarm?

Need black eyed pea recipes - NOT hoppin' john!

Hubby brought home some fresh black eyed peas. No matter that we have a package of frozen ones or a couple of cans of them in the pantry - he saw them and brought them home. Two pounds since they were BOGO.

Now I like hoppin' john a lot, but I made too much of it LAST New Years Eve and we only just used up the last of it a couple of weeks ago. So I need some alternative ways to use these FRESH black eyed peas.

Some one here posted about making black eyed peas burgers - I like that idea and have found a couple of recipes for them to adapt. But what else can I do with them?

PS I've had the discussion AGAIN with hubby about if he wants black eyed peas to buy dried or canned. I plan meals and buying fresh produce on the spur of the moment messes up my plans. And buying TWO POUNDS of FRESH black eyed peas really messes up my plans!

Smokin' hot island rises up from depths of the Red Sea

By Brett Israel
updated 12/28/2011 3:45:21 PM ET

The Red Sea has a new inhabitant: a smoking island.

The island was created by a wild eruption that occurred in the Red Sea earlier this month. It is made of loose volcanic debris from the eruption, so it may not stick around long.

According to news reports, fishermen witnessed lava fountains reaching up to 90 feet (30 meters) tall on Dec. 19, which is probably the day the eruption began, said Erik Klemetti, a volcanologist at Denison University in Granville, Ohio.

The best comment for this article:
"Dibs, My island. Called Dibs." Moheeheeko

What devices use Memory Stick Pro Duo Cards?

And does anyone here have a device that uses them?

Hubby's place of employment was clearing out stuff that hasn't sold and he brought home four memory cards. One is a 4GB flash compact disk that will fit my Nikon D70, but the other three are SanDisk 4GB Memory Stick Pro Duo and we don't have anything that uses those.

(Unless there is some adapter that will let my old Sony HandyCam use them instead of the original memory sticks that we never used anyway...)

Post office arsons - is there a pattern developing?

This story made the national news:
Arson suspected in post office fire
By the CNN Wire Staff
updated 10:32 PM EST, Sun December 25, 2011
(CNN) -- Investigators suspect arson in a fire that heavily damaged a small post office in rural western Nevada Sunday morning, a U.S. Postal Service spokesman said.
Investigators found anti-government graffiti on the walls and bullet holes in the building, Capt. Mark Reagan of the Sierra Fire Protection District said.

But another PO arson barely made the local news:
Christmas Day Arson at the Tallahassee Centerville Post Office?
Tallahassee, Florida - December 26, 2011 -
A fire at a Tallahassee post office may not have been an accident.
Fire officials were called to this post office around 1:30 on Christmas Day and what they found is suspicious.
Fire officials say the post office was closed for the holiday, but a pile of mail was left burning in the middle of the floor.

There are major differences - the Nevada arson fire started outside the building and there was other damage, grafitti and bullet holes, that were not found at the Tallahassee PO.

I can't remember a single other arson incident at a post office and here are two on the same day. If there was a third incident I would be more concerned.

What is the status on laying off postal workers? I know it was delayed until after the first of the year but are there workers who will not have a job next week that are taking their frustrations out on the facilities?

"How many workers does it take to stop a spinning concrete buffer... "

According to the video it only takes one but it takes much longer than you'd expect!

Watching Africam - a pride of lions hanging out

I think there was a kill to one side of the watering hole. Now the lions are flat out sleeping and a little jackal is scoping out the situation. I don't think the lions will be happy if that jackal wakes them up!


For whoever suggested totilla roll ups for a potluck - THANK YOU!

I wasn't the one who asked but coincidentally the evening that thread was posted, hubby told me he had to take something to a potluck at work. I made rollups after reading the thread and a bunch of different of recipes for them on Allrecipes.com. And after evaluating what was in my refrigerator.

I ended up with two kinds: Ham and Swiss cheese on sundried and basil tomato tortillas with chive cream cheese. Turkey and Swiss cheese on spinach tortillas with sundried tomato cream cheese. I wanted to add some vegetables, but hubby vetoed all my suggestions. I tried to talk hubby into other kinds of cheese, but he didn't like that idea, either.

The chive cream cheese was just fresh chives cut up (with scissors) into whipped cream cheese. The sundried tomato came from a bottle of sundried tomato spread that I mixed with the cream cheese.

The roll ups looked great, they were easy to put together and I can see making other varieties for other events. Everybody liked them and even if there were leftovers, we wouldn't have minded eating them.

Thank you!

The War on Christmas - by Patriotic Right Wing Nuts

This display is so off the mark on what I was taught Christmas was when I was a kind. I am sad to say that it is in the town near where I live and that is apparently has won awards and has been "featured" on Good Morning America.

Warning - the stupid burns!

Edited to fix title.

FREE access to Ancestry.com New York Records

Ancestry.com New York

"Several New York repositories have formed a partnership with Ancestry.com to digitize family history records and make them available on line for free. The list of records available is located in the bottom right corner of the Ancestry.com New York web page. Descriptions of the records as well as the holding organizations are provided through the links and logos on the Ancestry.com New York web page."

Directions for how to sign up and access the records here:

This is not a one time deal - it is a regular agreement for the repositories involved.
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