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csziggy's Journal
csziggy's Journal
December 1, 2016

UPDATE _ GOOD NEWS! Need medical information - NOT advice

My husband has been diagnosed with a bowel infarction. He's scheduled to see a surgeon this afternoon and will probably have to have surgery in the next few days.

I've read the basic facts on the internet at sites like WebMD but that doesn't give me much information about prognosis, recovery and long term treatment. I know much of this cannot be determined until they actually get inside him and see how much of his intestine is involved.

Does anyone here have any experience with this kind of surgery/illness?

I'm not asking for advice, just some real life experience information. Thank you!

UPDATE - we saw the surgeon this afternoon. It is NOT a bowel infarction. It is either an appendix or a diverticulum abscess. He still has to have a procedure but not an operation. They will put in a tube to drain the abscess and he'll have to spend a couple of days in the hospital but they should not have to open him up or cut sections out of his intestines. What a relief!

November 27, 2016

Cat Found Covered in Purple Has Grown Back His Glorious Gray Coat

He also found a best buddy and a forever home for both of them!

November 26, 2016

A while back someone here bought an induction hot plate

I think it was the NuWave deal with two hot plates and some pans for around $100. (http://www.nuwavepic.com/)

How do you like the induction plate? Are the hot plates well made? How about the pans in the deal?

I thought about buying the set and giving my Mom one of the hot plates. Her stove top quit and her caretakers are using cheap regular hot plates my sister found at thrift shops - but sometimes they get left on or plugged in and Mom is not reliable around any of the cooking devices.

November 25, 2016

Crowdsourcing effort to raise money for photo rights for a book

Project aim

To acquire 18 photographs to illustrate Will Sutton: The Forgotten Trail Breaker of Vancouver Island.

After three years of intensive research and writing I have just completed this biography. In 1933 Will Sutton's sister in law donated a photograph album containing 57 of his photographs to the Royal British Columbia Archive. I need to access 18 photographs from the archive, many from this album, to illustrate the biography. But it costs $50 to get a copy of one photograph and another $50 for the licence fee, so that is $100 per photograph (it is $70 for photographs which have already been digitised). I am a pensioner and only have a state pension - I cannot afford to buy these photographs myself.

Book Synopsis

Curious to know who the role model for Heathcliff might be? Want to know how Sutton Pass, Sutton Boulders, Lost Shoe Creek, Sutton Rock and Sutton Limestones on Vancouver Island, and Sutton Park, Sutton Street, William Street and Williamsburgh in Kincardine, Ontario got their names? Interested in early lumbering on Vancouver Island? Or who procured many of the skulls for Franz Boas? Or that an Emily Carr painting in the Art Gallery of Ontario was wrongly labelled? These questions and more are answered in this fascinating, well researched, biography of Will Sutton, The Forgotten Trail Breaker of Vancouver Island.

Will’s story is brought to life with many of his photographs until now hidden in the bowels of British Columbia Archives. We go on a journey from 19th century Dent in Yorkshire to Ontario to meet the first sheriff of Bruce County who was sacked after 25 years of service, to Vancouver Island to learn about the adventures of Will, a Timberman, Geologist, Assayer, Grave Robber, Surveyor, Lecturer, Explorer, Pioneer, Scientist and Promoter of Vancouver Island, whose mineral collection can be found at the Pacific Museum of Earth.

The lady writing the book has been very helpful to me. The history she is exploring overlaps part of my family history and she has sent me parts of her draft that includes my ancestors. I sent her high quality scans of photos from my family records that helped round out some of her information.

She needs some photo rights for pictures in the Royal British Columbia Archive but it is expensive to acquire those rights so she is trying to raise the money to get them.

Having read a chapter of her book, I would very much like to read the entire work. I'll be sending her a contribution but I thought I would post a link to her crowdfunder page in case anyone here is interested in helping her: http://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/book-2
November 1, 2016

Notes from Central Florida and our first day in Virginia

Last Friday I drove to Central Florida with my husband to spend a few days wih my 95 year old mother. Just a few notes: Mom voted for Hillary Clinton! Her caretakers were a mix - the older lady who was rised in rural West Virginia and who has lived i Central Florida for decades also voted for Hillary. she finds Trump disgusting and doesn't understand how he got so far in this race.

The other caretaker doesn't vote - as a Jehovah Witness it is against her religion. But we talked about the election because she is concerned about how the winner could affect reiligions like hers. One of her main worries was the claim that Trump made about abortion being allowed "one day before the baby would be born." I explained the situations under which late term abortions are performed - when it endangers the life of the mother, when the fetus is not viable or when the fetus is already dead. While I know that discussion will not affect her vote, it could help her explain to others who don't understand the issues that pro-choice advocates believe in. I also made the point that how can some one be "pro-life" but push for the death penalty and for wars.

Yesterday we got on Amtrak and took 20 hours to get from Lakeland, Florida, to Alexandria, Virginia. Since our hotel did not have a shuttle bus from the Amtrak station, we took a cab. We passed a polling location and I asked the driver if he had voted. He said not yet but he was going to get it done - his wife told him he has to vote. He asked who I was voting for and I said, "NOT Trump!" He laughed and talked about how he couldn't vote for someone who so disrespeced women. He also said his wife told him he has to vote for Hillary. He also talked about how in his country people like Trump killed others who didn't believe the same. He loves the US because of the freedom of speech. My husband asked where he was from and he was from Ethiopia. He doesn't want to see this country turn into a place like that.

Not a lot of people, but to hear such strong resistence to Trump is refreshing!

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