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Member since: Thu Mar 6, 2008, 08:58 PM
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Congress & the president should be paid like CEO's. Pay them well or corporations will

Our elected officials make decisions involving the spending of TRILLIONS of dollars. Yet we pay them paltry salaries in comparison to to the private sector. Then we expect them to represent us rather than corporations that have billions to spend on them to influence their decisions. How naive is that?

50% of Senators now become lobbyists after leaving office. 42% of House members become lobbyists.

Pay them big salaries but create strict laws to prohibit the corrupt culture that currently exist.

Some say a person's desire to serve should be based on altruism and money shouldn't be part of it. But just look at the reality. Money is a part of it but it's corporations paying their salary and in turn they get to control the government.

For those that are altruistic create a matching fund for those willing to give up part of their salary. If the president is paid $10 million per year but wants to take $5 million let the government match the other $5 million five to one for a project dear to the president's values.

I don't expect this is a popular opinion but the current situation is unsustainable. Maybe you have a better solution to stop the corruption but at this point the corruption is rampant. And it's not getting any better even after 8 years of a Democrat in the White House.

MY 2 cents.

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