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SwampG8r's Journal
SwampG8r's Journal
February 10, 2012

state by state speak your mind about...georgia

another mixed bag
as a gator i see georgia and say...meh
i cannot leave florida without going into it and its huge
takes forever to cross unless you go the coastal route
and then
there is savannah.....the best town in the south
there are others like her old grande belles who will flip up their skirts and dance
but savannah......she does the cancan with no bloomers
and atlanta is a history tour all its own
milledgeville the only city designed to be the state capital and then unused
stone mountain is a work of wonder despite the story it tells
and then there is the appalachian trail starting in north georgia
georgia is worth the trip

February 11, 2012

state by state speak your mind about...hawaii

the only state to have a royal family
beautiful islands in the pacific
gateway to asia for many
i have always wanted to go to see the beaches, the ocean floor,the volcanos and the monster surf
known mostly as a vacation spot hawaii is an agriculural hot spot
cattle,and fruit shipped all over the world
i will go someday

February 13, 2012

state by state speak you mind about... idaho

idaho has great potatoes
it is called the gem state because every known gem is found there
star garnets are found there and high in the himalayan mountains very rare
i understand there is good ski-ing there and the trout fishing is unbelievable
i hope to one day travel to idaho it looks beautiful

February 16, 2012

state by state speak your mind about...indiana

indiana i have been through one time driving
it was pretty and pastoral
many farms and a lot of farming
several cities of good size
indianapolis was very impressive
the largest road kill i have ever seen was the deer all along the side of the interstate
huge creatures but not the best way to see them
indiana is another place i hope to return to with more time to explore

February 17, 2012

state by state speak your mind about...iowa

corniest place i ever saw
except there were hogs where the corn wasnt
and soybeans lot of soybeans
pretty though in a rolling cornfield way
i would have liked to have been able to spend more time in des moines
radar o reilly was from ottumwa

February 14, 2012

state by state speak your mind about...illinois

i have been through northern illinois
it was very city the part i saw as i was cutting over to wisconsin
i cant say i formed an opinion with the tiny slice i saw and i had no reasons to stop so i didnt meet any illini
4 presidents from there reagan lincoln obama and grant
competitive sports for fans on all levels and in several sports
next time i go through that way i hope i have more time to spend

February 18, 2012

state by state speak your mind about...kansas

i have not been here yet
dead center mass geographicly
always makes me think of little house on the prairie but that was in minnesota
a lot of western era history and civil war history
an awful lot of (r)'s running the place
someday i will have the opportunity to explore kansas

February 19, 2012

state by state speak your mind about...kentucky

i like kentucky
i have family there and i love visiting
great geography sweet people very beautiful women and good food
add a tradition of great basketball and you have for some a total package
kentucky is one of the southern states(actually kentucky is a commonwealth)that did not leave the union
kentucky has a history going back to the beginnings of recorded time and has been home to some of our most flambouant if not distinguished citizens
the home of col sanders and the louisville slugger
a trip to kentucky is a fun time

February 20, 2012

state by state speak your mind about...louisiana

this is one great place
from border to border a natural wonderland
from the coastal south to the woodsy north louisiana has it all
and the food...the food
i only have one thing bad to say about louisiana and its that I10 west is the most boring strech ofhighway in america
dont think its all mardi gras
voulez la bon temps roullez

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