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NYC_SKP's Journal
NYC_SKP's Journal
January 17, 2015

No, in some peoples' worlds they don't. Sucks to be them.

There are mysteries and there are wonders, for atheists and believers and scientists and scholars, and these sometimes have "scientific" explanations.

But these explanations often are developed to satisfy some urgent need to "explain", as if the unexplainable is uncomfortable for them.

So, they pour hours and hours writing treatises about how observable evidence exists to explain every phenomenon that can be named.

Now am I talking about science, or could it be something else?

What is it with people that everything needs an explanation?

January 12, 2015

"Religious fundamentalism... ...eliminates God himself, turning him into a mere ideological pretext

I've come to that same conclusion. These events, this fundamentalism, under careful scrutiny, are cases of evildoers appropriating religion to serve as cover for their despicable agenda.

As such, it's not the fault of that religion.

In fact, the religion is a victim of the misappropriation.


Francis said the Paris attacks were the result of a "throwaway culture" in which human beings and even God are rejected outright. Referring to the "tragic slayings" in Paris, Francis said those responsible had become "enslaved" by new fads and "deviant forms of religion."

"Religious fundamentalism, even before it eliminates human beings by perpetrating horrendous killings, eliminates God himself, turning him into a mere ideological pretext," he said.

Francis also denounced the "abominable" kidnapping and enslavement of young girls by Boko Haram militants in Nigeria and the slaughter of "unspeakable brutality" of more than 100 children by the Taliban in Pakistan.

January 12, 2015

Deeper than that, they were all puppets, unwitting tools, Hebdo and the shooters.

The most acceptable, comprehensible storyline, brave journalists killed by religion crazed extremist, belies the truths of the matter.

This wasn't about being insulted and then reacting with violence.

The killers were doing the bidding of powers not representative of Islam, and the journalists were unwitting victims in a global war of ideology and politics, with religion a side note, though elevated to a perceived central role by the media and a gullible public.

The killers and the killed were all puppets, really, and in that sense they were victims in a brutal global pissing match.

The evil folks in all of this remain nameless with the exception of those shown in the photograph below, who have found a way to exploit this tragedy.

Funny how that happens.

January 11, 2015

I would submit that it's respect for cockroaches and vermin that especially mark the buddhist POV.

It's easy to love a cute puppy, or to feel bad for a bear.

For Westerners, and others, there's a cultural subset of species that are dishonored for various reasons: flies, roaches, snakes, and spiders for example.

Indeed, many carry diseases and others are just pests, but all are critters with lives.

It's a bit like people, actually.

We want to try to love each and everyone, and especially those who are annoying and even dangerous.

They need love the most.

January 10, 2015

Read what Juan Cole said about that, about motive for attacking the satirists:

Juan Cole has some insightful words on the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris.

As he points out, the shooters were neither "attacking free speech" nor "defending Mohammed"; they were using a time-honored tactic of radical extremists (of all stripes): "sharpening the contradictions," hoping to provoke an overreaction that would lead to repression and persecution of Muslims in general -- thus helping the extremists recruit new members.

This is what bin Laden did with such spectacular success with 9/11: provoking an endless global war, with Western "interventions" and "targeted assassinations" and drone strikes that have killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people -- all of which, as our own security services tell us, have fed the flames of extremism and made the situation worse.

January 9, 2015

Joe Sacco. That needs to be an Original Post, KittyWampus. Thank you.

In fact when we draw a line, we are often crossing one too. Because lines on paper are a weapon, and satire is meant to cut to the bone. But whose bone? What exactly is the target?

And why?”


And what is it about Muslims in this time and place that makes them unable to laugh off a mere image. And if we answer, "Because something is deeply wrong with them" -certainly something that was deeply wrong with the killers- then let us drive them from their homes and into the sea...

For that is going to be far easier than sorting out how we fit in each other's world.



Can we please do the hard work of sorting out how we fit in each other's world and stop with the childish attacks?

January 2, 2015

Excellent. Bookmarking!

Thank you!

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