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nc4bo's Journal
nc4bo's Journal
January 29, 2016

Hillary's meme generating jukebox is stuck in repeat

Random, CD 1, A Weathervane is for spinnin'.

Greatest Hits include:
He's a racist racer.
He's sexist machine.
He's a commie kinda guy.
Bernie, where'd you get that (Teflon) coat?
He's a Rebel (Establishment blues version)
Sanders' supporters are so mean(I think I'm gonna scream)
So cool, he's got an ice cream in his name.

There's so many on that Greatest hit CD that I can't remember them all.

Can't wait for the release Greatest Hits, volume 2.

January 27, 2016

Right now, nearly 20,000 people are listening to Bernie in Minnesota.

There are nearly 20, 000 ENTHUSIASTIC people attending a Sanders rally in St. Paul, Minnesota and the entire venue is on fire and feelin' the Bern!


Just thought some would like to know.

January 2, 2016

So now we have Obama, Bush, the lessor, Bill Clinton, Biden, Kerry and now Trumpy

starring in (or given cameo appearances) ISIS terror videos.

Oh let's also give a special mention to these fabulous corporations: CITIgroup, GE, Halliburton, The Carlyle Group, ExxonMobile, Shell, AEGIS, Merrill Lynch and a few other choice entites.

Now what?!

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