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nc4bo's Journal
nc4bo's Journal
April 10, 2016

I finally understand the Clinton Campaign rules! (the smearing of Jane Sanders)

Posted with the permission of my Facebook friend Bob Lamb.

1. If you criticize Hillary for taking tens of millions of dollars from Wall Street, big pharmaceutical companies, fossil fuel corporations, private prison lobbies, and even the NRA, you are a Bernie Bro and a sexist.

2. If you point out any of Hillary's blatant lies and support it with videos (e.g., Bernie didn't support her on national health care in 1993, Bernie's responsible for Sandy Hook, she came under sniper fire in Bosnia, she tried to enlist in the Marines, she was named after Sir Edmund Hillary, she was against NAFTA from the start, guns are pouring into New York from across the Vermont border--I could go on forever), you are a Bernie Bro and a sexist.

3. If you disagree with Hillary on her support for fracking or the Keystone Pipeline or the TPP, you are a Bernie Bro and a sexist. (P.S. Susan Sarandon, you are a sexist.)

4. If you support campaign finance reform, access to higher education, and the decriminalization of America, and you are against the death penalty, you are a Bernie Bro and a sexist. (P.S. Rosario Dawson, you are a sexist.)

5. If you say anything about how Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the DNC has rigged the process from the start, if you oppose needless intervention in the Middle East, and if you care about our veterans, you are a Bernie Bro and a sexist. (P.S. Tulsi Gabbard, you are a sexist.)

6. If you consider global warming and the destruction of an inhabitable planet the most important issue facing us, you are a Bernie Bro and a sexist. (P.S. Naomi Klein, you are a sexist.)

7. If you believe that the policies of the Clinton Administration have badly hurt African Americans and Latino/Latina Americans, you are a Bernie Bro and a sexist. (P.S. Michelle Alexander, you are a sexist.)

8. But if you make disgusting, vicious, misogynist attacks on Jane Sanders--ridiculing her looks, her body, her clothes, her hair--well hell, that's just good old-fashioned politics.

I agree but he said it so much better than I ever could!

Thanks Bob

April 9, 2016

I'm a treehugging fucking Liberal so recycling shit as garden fertilizer is what we do.

Literally and figuratively.

Clinton, Inc. Just keeps a flinging.

April 3, 2016

I trashed that group. Why bother with it? Suggest you do the same.

In all sincerity, Just. Trash. It.

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