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Gender: Male
Hometown: Arizona
Home country: USA
Member since: Wed Jul 16, 2008, 07:35 PM
Number of posts: 28,310

About Me

Left Lane Only is my forum from the 2020 primaries. I abandoned it as Admin but there is still useful info posted there. Includes a Russia forum. https://leftlaneonly.proboards.com/

Journal Archives

GOP 'Silence Speaks Volumes,' Says Ilhan Omar as Boebert's Bigotry Goes Unpunished

Rep. Ilhan Omar on Saturday condemned her GOP colleagues' inaction following the recent publication by Rep. Lauren Boebert of an anti-Muslim video in which the Colorado Republican lies about the Somali-American lawmaker being mistaken for a suspected suicide bomber inside the U.S. Capitol.

"These anti-Muslim attacks aren't about my ideas but about my identity and it's clear," Omar (D-Minn.) tweeted.

Addressing House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), she added that "your silence speaks volumes."


Posted by AZProgressive | Sat Nov 27, 2021, 09:45 PM (3 replies)

Our brother Paul Gosar needs to be stopped. Merrick Garland, are you listening?

Marvel Studios? Hollywood? Have we got a blockbuster new superhero for you. Get this. He’s 62 years old, a retired dentist, and a grandpa. Interested? Wait, there’s so much more! He associates with white supremacists. He has been accused of dabbling in anti-semitism and anti-Muslim bigotry — a real religious hate two-fer. He has demonized immigrants, spreads Covid lies, and is apparently very proud of using terms like the “Wuhan Virus” — a term that was subsequently picked up by Donald Trump and helped incite murderous attacks, assaults, and bullying against the Asian community. And last, but certainly not least, this man was allegedly instrumental in inciting the attempted overthrow of our government. It’s a winner, don’t you agree?

Who are we talking about? Why, none other than our brother, Paul Gosar, a stunning textbook example of the Dunning-Kruger effect in that he is completely oblivious to how ridiculously unfit he is to be a US Congressman.

Oh, and we forgot two other key points about this new superhero you’re going to absolutely love. He already has a superhero name, “The Weasel” — his actual nickname in high school. And you don’t have to write a single script because you can simply have him dictate to you all the fantasies he imagines about himself, in his unique word-salad style. Like, for instance, the recent “Attack on Titan’’ video he posted online where he fantasizes about killing Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and attacking President Joe Biden.

So who could stop The Weasel? Well, let’s take a look at the options. First up, we have the hand-wringing, timid, do-nothing Democratic leadership in Congress. These are the people who still, after years of being sucker-punched, don’t realize they are in a no-holds-barred street fight for this country — a fight which, if lost, will have very dire consequences for us all. So, as you can see, The Weasel doesn’t have to worry too much about them.

Posted by AZProgressive | Sat Nov 13, 2021, 11:34 PM (4 replies)

Warren, Markey Urge Biden To Pardon Non-Violent Pot Offenders

WASHINGTON D.C. —Massachusetts' two senators and a congressional colleague wrote a letter Tuesday to President Joe Biden urging him to use his executive authority to pardon all individuals convicted of federal non-violent cannabis offenses.

In the letter, Senators Elizabeth Warren and Ed Markey, both of Massachusetts, and Jeff Merkley, the Oregon Democrat, wrote that by issuing such a pardon, Biden would be following through on a campaign promise.

"As a candidate for president, you argued that 'we should decriminalize marijuana' and 'everyone (with a marijuana record) should be let out of jail, their records expunged, be completely zeroed out,'" the letter said.

The senators argued that America's cannabis policies have disproportionately targeted Black and Brown communities, and they provided a history about how anti-cannabis laws were enacted specifically to target Mexican immigrants and Mexican Americans.

Posted by AZProgressive | Sat Nov 13, 2021, 12:25 AM (3 replies)

Voters pass Tucson's $15 minimum wage proposition

Tucson's minimum wage will be gradually increased to $15 an hour after city voters approved the pay measure on Tuesday.

About 60% of tallied responses voted 'yes' for Proposition 206 — the ballot initiative to gradually raise Tucson’s minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2025 — while about 32% of voters voted 'no', according to unofficial general election results released by the Tucson City Clerk’s office Tuesday night. Nearly 8% of voters didn't submit a vote on the item.

The proposition will first increase the minimum wage to $13 in April 2022 and eventually reach $15 in January 2025. After that, wages will increase based on the rate of inflation.

C.J. Boyd, the campaign manager for the group behind the ballot initiative, Tucson Fight for 15, celebrated with staff and supporters of the campaign Tuesday night.

Posted by AZProgressive | Wed Nov 3, 2021, 08:29 PM (5 replies)

The Poisonous 'Citizens United' Decision Gave Corporations the Power to Slash and Burn (BBB)

If President Biden's Build Back Better plan goes down in flames, you can blame the US Supreme Court. Their Citizens United decision, in fact, is destroying both American politics and the planet.

Case in point: Oil industry executives testified before Congress this week, suffering a barrage of questions, including particularly intense ones from Reps. Ro Khanna, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Katie Porter.

The CEOs exhibited the same sort of arrogant insolence Mark Zuckerberg displayed in July of last year when he was hauled before the House Judiciary Committee's Subcommittee on Antitrust, Commercial and Administrative Law. It was, basically, a smug, "Screw you, Congressperson."

We have to get money out of politics and the only way to do that is to get more people in office who are not addicted to or corrupted by money.

Posted by AZProgressive | Fri Oct 29, 2021, 06:44 PM (2 replies)

Exxon CEO says he had calls with lawmakers on reconciliation bill

ExxonMobil’s CEO said he personally participated in calls with lawmakers on the Democrats’ spending plan in response to questioning from Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

The New York Democrat asked CEO Darren Woods whether he had participated in calls with members in the reconciliation and infrastructure negotiation process.

“I have,” Woods replied. But he said political donations were not discussed during his calls.

In response to her questioning, Woods also said that his compensation is tied to Exxon’s stock price, but added that it’s based on a number of metrics.

Posted by AZProgressive | Thu Oct 28, 2021, 05:58 PM (7 replies)

Schumer endorses Walton for Buffalo mayor

WASHINGTON – Senate Majority Leader Charles E. Schumer on Thursday announced that he is endorsing India Walton to be mayor of Buffalo, giving the winner of the Democratic primary a crucial boost only days before early voting begins in her race against Mayor Byron Brown.

"As Buffalo voters start to head to the polls this weekend, I urge them to cast their ballot for India Walton as the next mayor of Buffalo," Schumer said in a statement sent to The Buffalo News. "India is an inspiring community leader, mother, nurse and a lifelong Buffalonian with a clear progressive vision for her hometown."

Schumer's decision gives Walton backing from a centrist Democrat at a time when other such figures, such as Gov. Kathy Hochul and Rep. Brian Higgins of Buffalo, have refused to take sides in the battle between an upstart primary winner and a four-term incumbent who's waging a write-in campaign.

"India Walton won the Democratic primary fair and square and is the nominee, and I have always believed that the Democratic Party is a big tent and is strongest and most able to build national majorities and bring meaningful change when it is inclusive – that is exactly how the Senate Democratic caucus is structured," Schumer said.

Posted by AZProgressive | Thu Oct 21, 2021, 08:10 PM (0 replies)

Joe Manchin's child tax credit changes could prevent more than 37 million children from getting aid

More than 37 million children could lose the enhanced monthly child tax credit (CTC) if Democrats adopt Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.V.,'s reported desire to include an income cap of $60,000 per year, a new analysis finds.

The estimation, from the Niskanen Center's Robert Orr and Samuel Hammond, finds 37.4 million children could lose out on the federal aid. That would mean a cut in benefits for 60% of the kids who are currently receiving the monthly payments, worth up to $300 per child.

Manchin's home state of West Virginia would see a 58% cut in recipients with the income cap, with almost 190,000 fewer children qualifying, the analysis finds.

President Joe Biden has made the enhanced CTC a cornerstone of his fight against childhood poverty. Thanks to the American Rescue Plan, which became law earlier this year, the CTC was increased from $2,000 per child to $3,000 or $3,600, depending on the age of the child, for many families. Half of it was made advanceable, and more families than ever qualify as it was extended it to families earning little to no income for the first time.

Posted by AZProgressive | Thu Oct 21, 2021, 02:47 PM (5 replies)

WHAT'S IN THE DAMN BILL?: A Panel Discussion with Progressive Leaders

Posted by AZProgressive | Wed Oct 20, 2021, 11:38 PM (2 replies)

Bannon Wants to Destroy Our Democracy. He Must Be Prosecuted

For those who study authoritarianism, Steve Bannon's refusal to respond to the subpoena issued by the Congressional committee tasked with investigating Jan. 6 is hardly a surprise. Bannon's aim is to destroy our democracy, and responding to a subpoena issued by a democratic judiciary would affirm the legitimacy of a system he seeks to overthrow.

Bannon had big dreams to become a little Duce in Italy, training Europe's next right-wing "gladiators" in an Italian monastery, but that project failed. Now he's back in America, which in his mind is the new frontier of autocracy. He already feels empowered to discard the rule of law and respect for judicial process. "We control the country. We've got to start acting like it," he said recently on his War Room podcast about his plan to prepare tens of thousands of "shock troops" for an anti-democratic takeover of government once the Republicans return to the White House by legal or other means.

Of course, had Jan. 6 gone Bannon's way, the Biden administration would have been killed "in its crib," or rather, never been born at all. His overheated rhetoric reflects his frustration. Bannon likely thrived in the feverish conspiratorial atmosphere of November 2020-January 2021, when defeated President Donald Trump tried everything to remain in office, settling finally on a violent assault on the Capitol meant to interrupt certification of Biden's victory. "All hell will break loose tomorrow. It will be quite extraordinarily different," Bannon told his podcast audience on Jan. 5. "All I can say is strap in."

All hell did break loose, but Biden was inaugurated anyway. So Bannon and his cronies have a new plan, which draws on old right-wing knowledge of how to destabilize a sitting democratic government. It goes like this: You create a sense of crisis and impending Socialist tyranny so that the climactic authoritarian action, whatever it looks like, is accepted as restoring "order," and "freedom." That's likely what Bannon means when he claims that the Biden administration's own "incompetence and illegitimacy" will bring about its demise.

Posted by AZProgressive | Wed Oct 20, 2021, 10:13 PM (7 replies)
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