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Member since: Thu Jul 24, 2008, 05:59 PM
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Any with prejudice in it...

Since its impossible to prejudge beliefs.

Yes, telling them there is not a god as fact is no better...

I'd tell my children what I believe and why, and that it's my opinion, and I'd tell them what others believe and why, I'd try to educate them on most of the major religions since they will be better prepared for the real world.

I don't think all religious people are delusional, I think most see through it, which is where the intellectual dishonesty and cognitive dissonance kick in. I think everyone engages in both of these, religious or not, but religion promotes it indirectly.

I wouldn't say all ways the world is perceived is equally valid in my opinion, and explain why I prefer skeptical inquiry to faith based beliefs, for example. I wouldn't say my way was the only way according to some objective unprovable truth. I'd encourage them to question everything, including me and my ideas and opinions.

How does one prejudge a belief...

One must know a belief to judge it. Even if a person misattributes the belief to another group, it's not a pre judgment of the belief, and the judgment of the mislabeled group is simply a mistake, not a prejudgment.

Even if a person misunderstands a belief, and judges it on that understanding, it's still a mistake, and not a pre-judgment. Remember that a belief is the proposition something is true. Indeed, if a person says that they believe black people are inferior, how is it possible for my judgment of that belief to be a pre-judgment? Beliefs can be prejudicial. Judgments of beliefs cannot.

No, dogma is born...

In faith. Only faith allows leaders of religion to set down supposedly objective truths with no evidence and requires no critical inquiry.

Telling them your opinion is fact...

is a form of manipulation to take advantage of their lack of cognitive ability to instill what you want them to believe. Manipulating vulnerable minds for for one's own benefit or based on a delusion is always shameful IMHO.

Propositions I hold to be true are beliefs...

Not the proposition itself. Evolution is not a belief. Many people do not hold evolution to be true, its just a peoposition on its own. Theism is a belief, but god is not a belief. God is the propositon, theism is the belief. We don't have words for all beliefs of all propositions.

Pre-judging a group is bigotry...

Judging a stated belief, and those who hold it, is not. There is no pre-judging going on. Whatever the words history, it includes prejudice today. Religions are, by definition stated beliefs, and those who label themselves with particular belief systems hold themselves out as such, usually very dishonestly though.

Culture is so vague a term I find it useless. But generally, I see it defined by a mix of things one can choose and things one cannot choose. Aspects of culture are definitely a choice in that definition.

And telling your child god exists as fact is shameful nt

I trust the sincerity more of any belief

That is arrived at through skeptical inquiry rather than indoctrination and faith.

I've posted stats on here before about indoctrination, plenty of evidence of it. Indeed, most pastors engage in indoctrination themselves every day, even of children. They tell others as fact that god is real and what god says. It's part and parcel of the job.


Women in religion does nothing to address the point that religious texts that claim to have the perfect word of god cannot be amended.

Ignoring the text undermines the central claim of the religion.

I know some shamans and healers to this day kill others based on demon possession, or diagnose illnesses based on nothing. All religion is based on the same flawed premise, which can and does lead to harm.
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