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Member since: Fri Aug 8, 2008, 07:50 AM
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Electoral College

It's time to dispose of the arcane Electoral College.

But if we can't...then it has to be reformed to reflect modern populations shifts. Since it is based on the # of Representatives + 2 US Senators, it also means the # of US Representatives per state is out of balance. Limiting the total # of the House of Representatives to 435 is one of the reasons.

It should be based on a multiple of the smallest state by population (WY).
That would mean, instead of CA having 53 Congressmen, it would have 68
TX not 36, but 50
Florida not 27, but 37
NY not 27, but 34
PA not 18, but 22

it's just another way for Representative Democracy to work- there must be a balance in the representation.

rumors of civil war?

The undercurrent of civil war has been around for a long time, and that does not mean I am dismissing the notion. What I mean is that one side has been preparing for civil war for a long time.

Remember when Mr. Obama won his first election but before he was inaugurated, there was a run on ammunition such that the gun manufacturers were not able to keep up. The 'excuse' was that Pres. Obama would be confiscating their guns.

My feeling since that time is that 'they' were preparing for more than a threat to their guns taken for protection of their homes and families.
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