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Member since: Fri Aug 8, 2008, 07:50 AM
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Promising treatment for Dupuytren's Contracture.

After years of trying different remedies to slow down the Dupuytren's Contracture of my hands, particularly the left, I finally found something that is working. Serrapeptase capsules!- an enzyme from silkworms.

I have been only using them for 4 weeks and see improvement on the right hand which has much more mild and recent development. But comparing photos I do even see improvement of the left hand which has a head start of 20 years. My hands do not seem tight upon waking up in the morning. While I do not see a decrease in the angle of contraction of the left hand, I have been able to do some stretching excercises. The right hand does not need any stretching.

I understand that 3 capsules (120,000 IU) are the maximum recommended daily dose, but this enzyme also thins the blood and because of body bruising, I had to cut down to 2 capsules. Because of that, I have deleted 80 mg aspirin and Fish Oil Tabs from my diet. I have had no other side effects.

This self-treatment has excited me so much that I have eMailed and sent before and after photo to my Primary Care Physician.

This posting is not a recommendation that you should self-treat with Serrapeptase. It is only my experience.
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