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Member since: Fri Aug 8, 2008, 07:50 AM
Number of posts: 1,156

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What if there are more US citizens killed by Ida this week,

than were killed in Afghanistan last week.

I'd say Joe Biden should bring the weather bureau under his influence.

thinking about California's recall initiatives...

How about if the US adopt an initiative process for recalling POTUS?

a) Can only be started 2 years after Inauguration Day.

b) Results based on total vote count and NOT Electoral College numbers.

Baby born on board during flight from Afghanistan....

Maybe the baby was born when the plan landed in Ramstein Airbase in Germany but before they deplaned.

So, can the baby claim to be natural born Afghan....or American.....or German?

MSNBC on Sony TV?

I just bought a new Sony TV and find out that this brand does not support Spectrum-Time Warner, therefore I cannot watch MSNBC like I did on the old Samsung.

Does anyone have an idea how I can get MSNBC without any subscription fees on Hulu, Sling, etc?

My cousin just blocked me on Facebook

On FB my cousin posted something about, if she was asked for her vax card in a restaurant, shouldn't she be able to ask the wait staff about showing their cards being negative with HIV, herpes, smoking pot, etc.

I told her, Covid kills you and children in 8 days unlike any on the list you just mentioned. Get vax'd or stay at home until the pandemic is over. Let the rest of us try to get things back to normal.

Was it something I said?

My brother died this Saturday morning from Covid.

a) avid Trump supporter
b) refused to be vax'd, and proud of it
c) took 3 weeks from the time he was infected.
d) lived in Georgia, died in a Florida hospital
e) refused to get health insurance
f) refused to vote for universal health insurance issues because the immigrants would get free health care

Do any or all of these points fit a pattern? *sarcasm*
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