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Member since: Tue Sep 2, 2008, 03:53 PM
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That is false. There is such a place.

The Religion Group is not one of the safe haven groups, it is true ( "often" does not mean "always" ). However, the SOP of the Interfaith Group is as follows:

A safe haven that provides opportunities for people of all faiths, spiritual leanings and non-belief to discuss religious topics and events in a positive and civil manner, with an emphasis on tolerance. Criticisms of individual beliefs or non-belief, or debates about the existence of higher power(s) are not appropriate in this group.


Gil knows about the Interfaith Group and its purpose, but he prefers to post here instead.

Notice the rage in that post.

Also notice the absolute refusal to consider the people who use e-cigs to reduce their nicotine level to zero, thereby eliminating their addiction, or those who vape with no nicotine just because they enjoy vaping.

I suspect there's more going on there than ordinary, garden-variety concern over addiction.
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