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FailureToCommunicate's Journal
FailureToCommunicate's Journal
February 23, 2013

THAT's the Joan I remember! Met her, and her lovely sisters, in '65 in Carmel

after a Big Sur Folk festival. She is still going, still singing, and still a lovely soul...

Music was everywhere then! (and I don't mean in ipod earphones)


February 7, 2013

It was very cool indeed. He brought OUTTAKES from TOS to a World Future

Society conference I attended. I happened to be in charge of the the "media" room on the day Roddenberry attended and he offered to let me screen a half hour video of BLOOPERS of Spock,Kirk, Uhura, and others flubbing lines, slipping on the set (they ALWAYS seemed to be running thru caves in those early episodes!) and laughing about some mistake... Well, you can imagine people were utterly astonished! The show was, the actors always seemed...so...serious. And here they were appearing like happy, normal humans -and Vulcans!

When Mr Roddenberry handed me the video, I said I would be sure to find him and return it right after the screening. "Oh, no" he said, "I think I'll stay here with it." So, for one fantastic half hour I got to chat with Gene while it played.

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