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Who are the biggest Dark Money Spenders?

A preview of the detailed history of Dark Money Spending.

Timeline: Important Campaign Finance Milestones
1976: Buckley v. Valeo - Supreme Court decision that allowed unlimited campaign expenditures by individuals.

Before 2007: Much of the outside spending consisted of communications to members with a little express advocacy, known as "independent expenditures," such as radio or TV ads.

2007: FEC v. Wisconsin Right to Life Supreme Court decision ruled that issue ads can be aired in the months leading up to an election.

2008 Election Cycle: There was an explosion in electioneering communications, which are issue ads made within certain pre-election and pre-convention time periods.

2010: Citizens United v. FEC Supreme Court decision loosened restrictions on corporate spending and made it possible for Dark Money groups to ramp up their independent expenditures.


Us vs. them: Trump aiming to use impeachment to rev up base

Source: AP

Using stark “us vs. them” language, President Donald Trump and his reelection campaign have begun framing his impeachment not as a judgment on his conduct but as a referendum on how Democrats regard him and his supporters.

Read more: https://apnews.com/1221d4b055c568daa639663783ffd258

I would have to ask myself when he says "us vs. them" ...... Does he mean Putin and him vs. the American People and our Constitution?

Trump touts Putin speaking out against his impeachment.

“A total Witch Hunt!” the president tweeted at 10:30 p.m., as he shared a 36-hour-old Associated Press tweet that read: “BREAKING: Russian President Vladimir Putin says U.S. President Donald Trump’s impeachment is far-fetched and predicts the U.S. Senate will reject it.”


Why is it that Trump finds Putin to be one of his first lines of defense. Always!

Top Trump adviser: Republicans have 'always' relied on voter suppression

One of Donald Trump’s top re-election advisers told influential Republicans in swing-state Wisconsin that the party has “traditionally” relied on voter suppression to compete in battleground states, according to an audio recording of a private event. The adviser said later that his remarks referred to frequent and false accusations that Republicans employ such tactics.


As a Wisconsin resident, I hope the day will come when we find the smoking gun of voter suppression in Wisconsin.

Although the smell of gun powered is always in the air around election time.

And no, according to the experts it is not cordite. Your new fact for the day.

There is no Cordite whatsoever in modern ammunition.
With modern ammo, you can smell the pungent Nitroglycerin after firing.
The modern powder is basically sawdust soaked in nitro coated with graphite.

AP FACT CHECK: Trump's distorted letter to Dems and history

On matters central to the case against him, to his legacy and to his ego, Trump got much wrong. He did not win the presidency in a “landslide.” He did not reinvent the Veterans Affairs Department. The Democrats did not shut him out of their impeachment process, but rather invited him in. His job-creation numbers are refuted by his own administration. And much more.


Future terrorist were created from the killing of Al baghdadi. Todays ISIS is the result ....

... Iraq's 2003 invasion by Bush.

Trump reported that 3 of Al Baghdadi's 11 children were killed in the raid. What happened to the remaining 8? Will they become the terrorist of the future?

"Baghdadi [the ISIS leader] was evil. Under his leadership, the Islamic State beheaded hostages and violently imposed the worst sort of theocratic rule wherever its caliphate could be established."

"While Americans celebrate Baghdadi's death, they should also think critically about his life — and see it as a cautionary tale against U.S. meddling in Middle East affairs."


AM Joy Podcast for Sunday10/27/19. Sounded like a propaganda station for Trump.

Joy was not on the show today but the replacement praised Trump for the raid that killed Al Baghdadi.

I usually listen to the podcast at bedtime. Not tonight. I lasted less than 15 minutes. Joy's fill in and the White House correspondents praised the president.

They made the point that he outdid Obama with his four-sentence report compared to Trump's 50 minutes of detail.

Listen here:https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/am-joy/e/64871736?autoplay=true

Al Franken podcast reviewing the history of ACA (Obamacare) AND where does it stand today & in 2020?

Two points to start off.

1. Healthcare in the US including a brief history of the ACA since it passed in 2010. A great "inside baseball" review of the facts about the ACA and its troubled path as seen from the former Senator Franken's inside experiences. Franken discusses the many attempts of the GOP to repeal the entire plan. Franken and his guest offer predictions about its future in 2020 and forward. If you or a loved one relies on ACA / Obamacare please continue and share this with others.

2. Former Senator Al Franken interviews Andy Slavitt. Andy Slavitt is the individual that was hired to fix the embarrassing crash of The Affordable Care Act (ACA Obamacare) at its introduction in 2010. Franken and his guest review the history of the ACA and make some predictions of where it will be in 2020. Please listen to the Al Franken Podcast in the link provided below. Franken's often humorous stories about the behind the scenes details of the maneuverings of the GOP to kill the ACA makes the listening worthwhile.


A final personal note. Senator Franken's detailed knowledge and grasp of the status of worldwide healthcare systems make his absence disheartening.

Thank You for bearing with me in my first attempt at starting a new thread. Apologies if it isn't in the right forum. I decided not to post it in the Democratic Primaries forum although it does have connections to the 2020 election.

Marco Rubio is right. Hold the Attorney General in Contempt of Congress and demand he should resign.


This could be the best news I heard since being told my cancer is gone.

Please let it be so.
Please rid the country of it's cancer. The Trump family and his adminstration.
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