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Mike 03

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Gender: Male
Hometown: Modesto California
Home country: United States
Current location: Arizona
Member since: Mon Oct 27, 2008, 06:14 PM
Number of posts: 14,000

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Lewandowski, Porter and Parscale.

Also, some analysts read a lot into innuendo in the book Fire and Fury. When I read that book, I thought what the author was implying was obvious, but it's ambiguous enough that it's disputable. Michael Wolff almost said as much in an interview. If you rule out Nikki Haley... I'll leave it at that.

EDIT: A post above reminded me that she also had an affair with Rob Porter.

Anything Goes, indeed

What did he get out of it?

The entire country is talking about the ONE THING he didn't want anybody to talk about?

He looks like a first class idiot, catching a virus he called a Democratic hoax.

How do you explain the fact that a dozen people close to him are now also sick? (Those are only the ones we know about.)

Why is the White House in meltdown mode, with sick and furious staff members?

Why did the White House CRUSH Mark Meadows for saying the president was sicker than we thought he was, when that feeds their very narrative?

Let's see how this week goes for him. I don't think he's going to feel very well, and the harder he pushes to get back to normal, the worse it will get and the more obvious it will be.

One thing I like about this theory:

The White House is doing forward contact tracing, but from what I've read they are making no serious effort to backward trace the Rose Garden event. It strikes me that they don't want to figure out who the super-spreader was, and that could be because they have figured out it is Trump.

If you are right, the timing of the "positives" sort of works out well.

While I'm agnostic on this theory, I admit it is intriguing.

The White House personnel panicked, according to Vanity Fair, Washington Post and the

Guardian. They panicked because Trump calls every shot, and they didn't know how to handle an emergency where the emergency was the President. Trump couldn't tell them what to do, and there was no backup plan. It's like nobody else gives orders in the White House. It even seems like Mark Meadows had a temporary breakdown.

This is in keeping with Trump's tendency to view anyone who is doing better than him, or

receiving more attention than him, as a threat.

So many of his "friends" have become his enemies as they began to ascend, or were perceived to be smarter.

You could see that at Tuesday's debate: If I can't win this debate, I'm going to make it so nobody wins it, I'll just destroy the whole thing.

Yes. This year has been like a season of *24* written by Hunter S. Thompson.

It could be a "cheat" -- a mini-studio thrown up in another part of the hospital.

That's how I would do it so as not to disturb the president in his Presidential Suite by bringing in lights, reflectors, stringing cables, etc... Maybe it's a hospital conference room dressed up to look more official.

Those knobs behind him almost look like cabinets. Really, you'd just need the binder, the table, the flags. Trump could be kneeling, or standing. (I'm just pointing out how adaptable reality is to pulling off something like this. It's not hard.)

Yes. This is discussed in John Douglas's books on profiling,

and it's also mentioned in Forensic Psychiatrist Ronald Markman's book Alone with the Devil. And the more time that elapses between the event you want to examine a suspect about and the polygraph examination, the more likely even a non-sociopath is to pass the examination, because they have time to fully justify (in their minds) that their actions were justifiable.

This is interesting stuff.

Trump is at about the third inning of a nine inning contest.

A lot of people who thought on Day 4 they had beat this thing were buried on Day 20. Sad to say.
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