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Mike 03

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Gender: Male
Hometown: Modesto California
Home country: United States
Current location: Arizona
Member since: Mon Oct 27, 2008, 06:14 PM
Number of posts: 16,616

Journal Archives

"I think he'd also like to clean up his own legacy"

That's fascinating! What an insightful comment.

He can drive Trump over the edge

At first I didn't believe Bloomberg was running to win, but rather out of sincere patriotism and disdain for Trump, recognizing that he had sociological and psychological advantages over Trump that no other candidate has. But so much has changed so quickly. He's spending so much money so early that I've had to adjust my opinions about his objective.

I'm not sure he foresaw what has happened in Iowa and New Hampshire.

It's possible his end game has evolved with changing events; changing patterns in his spending suggest he sees an opportunity that may not have existed even two weeks ago.

But he will do anything to get Trump out of office no matter who emerges in the lead, of that I'm certain.

Great questions you ask.

Definitely keep going for now!

This election cycle is not typical, and too many people forecast Joe would not prevail in these early contests.

He can't be written off yet. If he's got the money and the will he should go further, just to make sure.

Anyone who claims they know for certain what is happening now in this election cycle should be treated with healthy skepticism.

Your post is so important I wish you'd consider reposting it in Primaries where more people

would see it.

Our candidates really need to think about finding Trump's weak points.

They are sitting there inside him, just waiting to be pushed.

We have similar ideas about this.

I couldn't agree more with your proposition. Bloomberg has sociological and psychological advantages no other candidate has. He can attack Trump from the very space Trump believes belongs to him (and fantasizes that he owns). An attack coming from this intimate terrain is much more traumatic for Trump. He won't take it well. (I've been speculating that Trump wouldn't even debate Bloomberg.)

Also, Bloomberg can bypass Trump's defense mechanisms to attack him at the very pit of his being.

Bloomberg has no fear of Trump--not in any way, shape or form. There's actually nothing Trump can do to Bloomberg.

Not to get too psychoanalytic, but an attack by Bloomberg on Trump could reawaken Trump's terror of his own father. So I think Bloomberg can hit Trump at his weakest point, a point he tries to protect and that no other person has yet successfully hit.

Here's a post I made some time ago. It's a little old, and I would change some things in it, but it's substantially how I see things:


But I love this topic! We don't talk enough about locating Trump's weak points or how to exploit them. Thanks for your post!

There's going to be a nonstop flood of corruption between now and November.

It's hard to know for certain what to do.

I'm thinking about trying to filter it out and solely focus on beating him in November, so as not to fall into despair.

Trump is going to try to break our spirit and our resolve. We have to try to ignore it and keep fighting.

Thank you, MineralMan.

Also, might I add, Failure to take responsibility for mistakes, never apologizing, blaming others, terrible hiring decisions, accepting endorsements from virtually anybody, angry countenance, withholding medical records, brash physicality and general discourtesy, including jabbing his finger at people, pushing people away...

This is my question too.

I'm in Arizona and I don't know a single Bernie supporter, now or in 2016. (EDIT: There was one, actually, in 2016, but I'm not positive she was old enough to vote.)

How is he going to "get out the vote" and how can he help Mark Kelly beat McSally?

The Bloomberg people called my mother two Sundays ago and asked her if she

wanted a yard sign.

We live out in the middle of nowhere, almost 100 miles from the closest major city.

The Bloomberg campaign is the only campaign that's contacted her, other than a few mailings from Senate candidate Mark Kelly.

EDIT: No, my mom said, "No" but she was very polite and very impressed. She's supporting Warren. She said, "Why don't the Warren people ever call me?"

Now go register this website:


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