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Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Current location: Switzerland
Member since: Wed Oct 29, 2008, 04:01 PM
Number of posts: 14,883

Journal Archives

I just saw the film "Marga" on Arte today.

The English title is Saviors in the Night. http://www.menemshafilms.com/saviors-in-the-night.html

If you get a chance, I recommend that you see it. It is a true story based on the life of Marga Spiegel and her family. They were German Jews who were actually protected during the Holocaust by neighboring farmers.

Spiegel passed away in 2014. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marga_Spiegel

New Scandinavian Series Depicts Russian Invasion of Norway

Evidently the making of this series has caused some serious repercussions with Russia. I hadn't really noticed the hullaballoo earlier. But as I was looking at tonight's TV offerings (RTS in Switzerland), I discovered that the first two episodes will be shown here.

For more info, here's an October article from The Guardian: http://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2015/oct/02/tv-drama-russian-invasion-occupied-premiere-norway It will be shown in the original language, which I presume is Norwegian, with French subtitles.

The scenario of Occupied, a Scandinavian thriller that premieres in Norway this weekend (Sunday 4 October), and in western Europe during the autumn, is likely to tap into fears of Russian aggression – and perhaps, according to critics, inflame them.

Based on an idea by the bestselling Norwegian crime writer Jo Nesbø, the series imagines that an environmentalist government has come to power in Norway and ceased to supply Europe with North Sea oil, forcing the EU to call on Russia to come to its aid.

This is a big-budget production with backing from Arte, the Franco-German TV network, and produced by the Swedish studio behind the Wallander TV series and the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo movies.

Russia has condemned the series for pitting Scandinavians against Russians “in the worst traditions of the cold war”. Although its creators claim that it is obviously fiction, the global context has been upended since Occupied was originally conceived – Russia’s occupation of Crimea last year and the civil war in east Ukraine have fuelled the worst crisis in relations with Moscow for a generation.

Recent Scandinavian series have been excellent. I expect that Netflix is likely bidding on this for streaming, so US Netflix viewers may be able to see it soon.

100 Horses Stuck On Island Are Rescued By All-Female Team Of Heroes

Although this event dates from 2006, I saw it on FB for the first time this morning. It brought tears to my eyes, but they were tears of joy.


It just takes someone to show the way.

Just want to share a great link

if it hasn't already been shared on DU: http://www.nativeamericanmusicawards.com/home

For additional interesting info: http://www.nativeamericanmusicawards.com/did-you-know

And more: http://www.nativeamericanmusicawards.com/music-news

Wow, Hillary Clinton Totally Owned These Tiny Children

Just darling ... Jimmy Kimmel's "Out-of-focus" group:

You ever notice how little kids know NOTHING about the historical and societal implications of complex gender roles in politics? Haha, they're so dumb! Luckily, Jimmy Kimmel had Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on to school them, because actually, Jayden, ladies can be president.

Everything else is video.


A Quarter of Pakistani Girls Are Married Before They’re 18. This Film Shows What That Feels Like

Every minute, 28 child marriages take place. That’s 15 million girls a year removed from their schools, taken from their families, and denied their childhood.

The Center for Reproductive Rights reports that 24 percent of Pakistani girls are married before they’re 18 (unlike in neighboring India, Bangladesh, or Nepal, child marriage is still legal in Pakistan.) And although the legal age for girls to marry is 16, seven percent of girls in Pakistan are married at 15 or younger.

These statistics tell us the prevalence of young girls forced into marriage, but tell us nothing about what it’s like to be a child bride or the parent of a child forced into marriage. For that, we turn to stories like the film Dukhtar, and storytellers like Afia Nathaniel.

Nathaniel, once a computer scientist and now a film director, was born in Lahore, Pakistan. In her 20s, she earned a bachelor’s degree in computer science, and worked in the field for a few years before she realized she didn’t enjoy it. “I took a good look at what I wanted to do with my life, and I said, ‘I can’t be chained to a desk, writing, coding, and programming,’” Nathaniel explained. “That’s not what I want to do. I want to tell stories.”


My husband and I have had the very great privilege and pleasure of knowing Afia for many years. We are so happy to see that she is able to get some of her stories told, especially some about a very misunderstood part of the world.

I also find it interesting - and telling - that she was able to more easily find financing for her film in Europe than in the US.

Awww ... Return of the Pope for Halloween

President Obama has been brought to laughter by a tiny baby dressed as the Pope, giving the child’s outfit top prize at the White House’s traditional Halloween event.

The first family of the US held their Halloween event at the White House, decorating the building with spooky props and performers and handing sweets to local children. But the show was stolen by a baby dressed as a Pope, complete with white Popemobile and red shoes.

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