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Member since: Mon Nov 3, 2008, 07:28 AM
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Video of garage flooding prior to condo collapse


My daughter received a summons for a rear end accident

An African American gentleman rear ended her when he failed to stop on an icy road. He has plead not guilty. I am having a tough time understanding why he is even being charged with anything. It was accident. Several other people had accidents on that road that weekend (not a great job by the city to treat it).

Does anybody else understand the point of criminal charges? He stayed and waited for the police. Information was exchanged. There is no deterrence value in pursuing it. He was not impaired, and it was not unreasonable under those conditions that he couldn't stopped.

She is reluctant to show up to testify (actually she is upset that the man was even charged with anything). It cost about $4K to fix her car. Her insurance company (my insurance company for 35 years and by father in laws insurance company for 50 years) probably ended up paying for it. That is the reason that I have given this company probably $100K over the years.

My wife had an accident several years ago in which she was at fault (failed to yield in a four way with no stop signs - yes no signs go figure). All she got was a citation - no court.

Video of White Power banners being draped in the House Chamber?

I could have sworn that I saw a video of this happening in the House chambers (I think it was the house). There were several banners draped from the gallery after the takeover. There was also a guide of the meaning of the symbols given by the poster

Does anyone remember this or did I dream it? I have not seen the video or stills from it since then.

This cop is still working even after a DUI, asking for special consideration

and calling a fellow LEO n___r.

Seems we learn nothing. It seems using his position to ask for special perks should have been a fireable offense (not to mention the DUI). It demonstrates ongoing corruption of the system.


“You couldn’t f------ give me the opportunity to park the car," he said. "No one reported it."

“The fact that you’re telling me that tells me you shouldn’t be an officer," the officer said.

A spokesperson for the Pinal County Sheriff's Office told KPNX that Navarrette was initially placed on modified duty. During that time, he was prohibited from driving a patrol car and rode with another deputy while taking regular calls for service.

As of Monday, however, the spokesperson said Navarrette returned to regular duty.

Pick the five best studio albums that appear sequentially for your favorite bands

Usually you can group 3 or so together, but working out the edges sometimes gets difficult. Other times it is pretty obvious.

For example for me the first five albums for R.E.M. and Led Zeppelin are their best albums. I hate giving up Automatic for the People but bridging to it goes through some weaker albums.

For other bands like Rush I have to chose between 2112 and Signals to make the five (ultimately 2112 is the classic Rush which I prefer).

For the Beatles you have Yellow Submarine sitting their blocking you from bringing Abbey Road into the top five. You aren't going to give up Revolver for example.

Couldn't Lady Gaga have found a larger peace dove pendant?

She did a nice job singing.

Did the NSA lawyer/mole successfully burrow in?

Haven't heard an update. Getting to the server with the Ukraine conversation should be high on State's agenda. We need to understand what happened to move forward in our foreign policy.

By the way what is seen might lead to a referral to the DoJ. Just saying.

Hunter Biden DoJ Info Drop

Did it happen today and any good unbiased source on what it was?

Article on how Antifa is still being blamed for the insurrection


Then, shortly before 10 p.m., Brooks, the Alabama congressman, shared a link to a now-corrected article from the conservative-leaning Washington Times. The story quoted an unnamed, retired military officer saying a facial recognition firm had identified two antifa activists from news footage of the Capitol mob. The newspaper subsequently apologized to the company and, in a correction, said it “did not identify any antifa members.”

Gaetz also shared the antifa claim in his Twitter timeline. Then Gaetz gave his fiery floor speech about the matter. It was met with groans and incredulity from many in the chamber.

Rep. Jackie Speier of California, a Democrat, said in an email to USA TODAY that Brooks’ words were an effort “to spread misinformation and try to blame others for the assault on our government.” She called it “deplorable.”

Wayback machine on original Washington Times article

Revised article - Note it still has the original antifa tag on the website location. Note how they changed the headline to "extremists" without mentioning Proud Boys et al.


In hockey they have a tradition of the emergency goalie being a fan

In football we just saw the equivalent.

Blake Hance was on the practice squad as a guard for the New York Jets.
The Cleveland Browns signed him for last night's playoff game. Because of Covid he never physically met his team before going in for another injured player. He blocked a very good Steelers player all night and never missed a block.


Blake Hance makes a difference in NFL debut
The Blake that Mayfield mentioned is Blake Hance. Just over a week ago, Hance was signed off the New York Jets’ practice squad and drove from New Jersey to Cleveland to join the team. With the COVID protocols, he couldn’t meet many of his teammates until game day, and that included the quarterback he’d be protecting.

That didn’t stop Hance from doing his job and doing it well. He came into the game in the fourth quarter after Dunn exited with an injury and spent 14 snaps blocking Cam Heyward, the Steelers’ talented defensive tackle. No one got near Mayfield, who wasn’t sacked once all night.

If all that seemed unreal, this might blow your mind: those 14 snaps were the first Hance ever played in an NFL game. In his NFL debut, Hance helped the Browns win their first playoff game in over two decades. On top of that, Monday is Hance’s 25th birthday. He’s younger than the Browns’ playoff win drought, which he helped end.

There’s still one person Hance hasn’t met yet: the head coach.
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