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Mosby's Journal
Mosby's Journal
January 15, 2024

You don't see differences between a terrorist group and a Israeli political party?

Hamas originated from the Muslim Brotherhood, is trained and funded by Iran, started sending suicide bombers into Israel in the 1990s and are directly responsible for thousands of murders of Israeli citizens especially during the second intifada. They have started 5 wars with Israel (2008, 2009, 2014, 2021, 2023) via the Palestinian territory of Gaza, which they came to control after killing off their political rivals and chasing out the rest.

Can you help me understand how you could possibly see similarities with this group and a political party in Israel?

January 14, 2024

Minimizing the Holocaust

Has been a long time strategy of the Palestinians and their supporters. Last year Abbas said the Palestinians have suffered 50 Holocausts. A variation is accepting the basic facts of the Holocaust but claiming that Zionists conspired with Hitler to commit genocide in order to force Jews to move to Israel. Another variation is that the Holocaust happened, but the Jews brought it on themselves because they are bad people.

Underlying all these strategies is the incorrect notion that Israel only exists because the world felt sorry for the Jews after the Holocaust, and if the world could just understand the truth, the powers that be could fix their mistake and dissolve Israel.

Another aspect is the charges of genocide, apartheid, illegal occupation all serve to delegitimize the existence of Israel and demonize her citizens by intimating that it's a rogue nation that should not exist, and is solely based on settler-colonialism, white supremacy and lies, lots and lots of lies. Much like the MAGAts do, one needs to engage in historical revisionism and conspiracy theories to make these ridiculous charges seem true. Sadly, it's been pretty effective.

December 22, 2023

He quietly built a $13 million fortune. In death, he gave it all away.

Emmy Hildebrand almost deleted the suspicious email when it popped into her inbox early last year. A man claiming to be a lawyer asked if she, as the executive director of an Indianapolis-based nonprofit that provides housing to veterans, was interested in a donation. It sounded like a typical scam offering millions of dollars if she would only fork over bank account information.

“I honestly thought it was spam, and so I didn’t call right away,” Hildebrand, with HVAF of Indiana, told The Washington Post.

But she didn’t dismiss it out of hand either. Instead, Hildebrand researched the sender, Dwayne Isaacs, who she discovered was indeed a lawyer who worked at a legitimate Indianapolis law firm.

Hildebrand called him. Isaacs was representing the estate of a man who had spent his life secretly amassing a small fortune and wanted to give it all away when he died. Isaacs had a question for Hildebrand.

Did she and her nonprofit organization want a million dollars?


December 15, 2023

We should nationalize air travel.

We already pay for almost everything anyway, airports, NTSB, air traffic controllers, TSA etc etc.

December 8, 2023

Hanukkah Second Night: For Living in a Free Society

By Rabbi Menachem Creditor, Congregation Netivot Shalom, Berkeley, CA

We stand in humble gratitude to be blessed to live in a free society, free in ways our ancestors couldn't have imagined.

We acknowledge today, basking in the glow of Hanukkah's increasing light, that so many of the choices we are able to make are only possible because of the sacrifice of others who came before us.

In honor of the memories of those whose names we are blessed to know, and in memory of those countless nameless pioneers who bequeathed this free society to us all, we ask God's Blessing as we accept our parts in their great, sacred task of extending the dignity of freedom to others.

May we accept the bonds of citizenry, knowing that freedom is a responsibility we dare not expect without our collective investment.

May we give of our own light to continue building a society worthy of the freedom we've been granted.

May we remember to take pains for the sakes of those whose names we know and for the sake of those whose names we do not know, as we are only free if we are all free.

May the world be blessed to share in the blessings of human dignity and the glow of freedom's light.

December 8, 2023

There is newer research

Coincidentally, Jewish DNA has been studied more than any other ethnic group in the world. And it shows what one would expect, thousands of years connection to the Levant, regardless whether the Jew is Ashkenazi, Mizrahi or Sephardic. Palestinian Arabs show DNA from the Persian gulf.


December 7, 2023

A Prayer for Each Night of Hanukkah: First Night

First Night: For Religious Freedom
By Rabbi Mark Greenspan, Oceanside Jewish Center, Oceanside, NY

A Hanukkah Prayer: We are the Miracle!
As we celebrate the festival of lights
And this season of miracles
We are reminded
That the real miracle of Hanukkah
Is not the bit of oil that burned for eight days
Nor the military victory of the Maccabees.
We are the real miracle!
We are here to tell our story!
Empires have risen and fallen;
Our faith has been challenged.
Our people attacked.
Yet we are here to light the candles
That remind us who we are: a people,
United in history and in faith.
No matter our differences
We share a common bond,
We recall a single story,
We celebrate an ancient-modern land,
We speak a holy language,
We learn words that extend from Sinai to our own day.
With each passing year, may the light grow brighter,
And the challenge more compelling
To carry on not by might nor power
But through the spirit of nationhood and faith.


December 6, 2023

No one knows the real death numbers.

Regardless what the real number is, its tragic that the Palestinian groups like Hamas insist on provoking Israel and causing all this loss of life.

The Palestinian terrorist groups like IBQ, Al aksa Martyrs brigade, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Lions Den, Hamas, DFLP, PFLP, Harakat al-Sabireen, PLF, should consider disbanding and ending their 75 year reign of terror against the Israelis.

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