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Member since: Sat Jun 13, 2009, 06:39 PM
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I wouldn't expect much in the way of change for the first two years, should Bernie

win the Presidency in Nov. 2016. Things might go as follows:

1. If Democrats should also win both Houses of Congress (and by a large
margin), great changes will take place. But winning both Houses is not
likely to happen.
2. If Dems. should win only the Senate, some change will take place, but
don't expect much and you won't be disappointed.
3. If Dems. should lose both Houses to the Repubs., little or no change
can take place.

In cases 2 and 3, the Dems., of course, will be working hard to make the
changes anyway. And each time the Repubs. slam down on what the
Dems. are trying to do, Bernie and the Dems. should tell the American
people loud, clear and often, what the Repubs. have done, how it would
make things more difficult for all the American people, and not to forget
what the Repubs. have done when the next Election Day comes. Dem.
leaders should repeat over and over again, and each time, how important
it is to vote during the non-presidential years, if Americans want to better
things for themselves. It is the Republicans who are preventing the Dems.
from making life better for all.

I've noticed in recent years that the Dem. leaders (with the exception of a
few like Eliz. Warren and others) don't bother to talk on this point much,
when it should be driven home loud and clear each time it happens. In
every negative there is usually some positive opportunity. Each time the
above happens, it is an opportunity to let the lazy voters know that the
Repubs. are the bad guys, and they must be voted out of office in the next
Election. And there is no other way for Dem. leaders to get things done --
their votes are needed. It is an absolute must.

Dem. leaders need to hammer this point home time and time and time again.
If they should do this steadily for two years, there is some chance that we
might have both Houses - and by good margins - beginning in Bernie's third
year. Only THEN will things start popping!

If the winning of both Houses should be by small margins only, remember
the 400+ filibusters of Obama's first term. Dems. should keep on hammering
away at the Repubs. for their recalcitrance, making sure that they get the full
blame. More of the general public will get to understand who the bad guys
really are. And Dems. will be able to accomplish more during Bernie's second
term. Some people are slow in catching on. That's the way things are.

Well, we've seen these nut-jobs last night. Yet they could win the 2016 Elections. How? Through

fraud. And they have an endless number of ways of practicing this fraud: gerrymandering;
preventing the poor, the elderly, the minorities ..... from voting; rigged electronic voting
machines, etc. ........ They are deliberately evil in almost everything they do!!

Will we do more to counteract the above crooked means this time around? I think 2016 is
the one election we can't afford to lose.
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