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Member since: Sat Jun 13, 2009, 06:39 PM
Number of posts: 7,018

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Let's let our senators know that we want them to get tough with the Republicans -- for a change!

All the cabinet appointees made by Trump thus far, as well as future nominations to the Supreme
Court, will have to be approved by the US Senate. Now it's our turn.

The Supreme Court nominee by Obama has been blocked by the Republicans for about a year.
And this isn't the first time they have done this either. Dem. Senators should fight against Trump
until he names a Justice who is REALLY NEUTRAL, and also block all the cabinet members he has
named who are extreme rightists.

Sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. Let's give the Republicans a dose of their own
medicine, and let them feel what it's like having a taste of it.

It's long past due that Democrats let Republicans know that two can play at the same game.
They might even learn a lesson, if they received a few of their own pies in their own faces.

Let's let our senators know that we want them to get tough with the Republicans -- for a change!
Let's do it!!

Hey, Ellen, I think more and more of Bernie's supporters are returning to this site -- slowly,

to be sure -- but they are returning. Would you mind delaying your vacation from this
site a little bit?

I wonder if it's "human nature" or the way sociopaths normally behave. Calculated lying,

cheating and stealing (and worse) are all part of what they usually do -- as long as
it's beneficial for them. What benefits them is all they care about. So many top
positions in corporations as well as government are filled by such people.

Just Google "Sociopaths Rule The World." You probably will find several
interesting titles in just the first page alone.
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