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Guilded Lilly

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Liberal, feminist and soapbox ever ready.

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Republican white males have just publicly gang raped every female in the United States. N/T

Posted by Guilded Lilly | Fri Sep 28, 2018, 10:14 AM (6 replies)

Opinion: Al Franken on the Kavanaugh Supreme Court Hearings.


“Recall that, in his opening remarks at the White House ceremony announcing his nomination, Judge Kavanaugh praised President Donald Trump’s diligence, declaring that “no president has ever consulted more widely, or talked with more people from more backgrounds, to seek input about a Supreme Court nomination.”

Kavanaugh's lie should disqualify him
This was extremely untrue. President Barack Obama, for example, had taken a month or close to it to pick both Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan. Trump had taken just 12 days to make his pick. And, of course, he made that pick from a list of 25 names presented to him by the right-wing Federalist Society.

If judgment matters, and if we want judges who make their judgments based on a full and fair understanding of the facts, a big, fat, easily debunked lie like Kavanaugh’s should have been instantly disqualifying. Instead, it became just the first example of how Kavanaugh’s selection to the Supreme Court represents a perfect illustration of what the conservative movement has been doing to the judicial system for decades.

Kavanaugh is the very model of a young, archconservative judge who has been groomed for moments like this one precisely because conservative activists know that he will issue expansive, activist rulings to further their agenda. Advancing the goals of the Republican Party and the conservative movement — starting by lavishing obviously nonsensical praise on a president whose own staff, per this week’s anonymous New York Times op-ed, considers him to be an unstable idiot who operates out of whim — that’s what Kavanaugh is there to do.

And no matter how much civics-class pabulum we get from Republicans on the Judiciary Committee this week, make no mistake: They’re in on it.”
Posted by Guilded Lilly | Fri Sep 7, 2018, 05:09 PM (25 replies)
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