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Member since: Thu Nov 12, 2009, 11:57 AM
Number of posts: 1,753

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Dear Leader's Cult would follow him to his grave!

Let me share a scenario. So - I'm in a

courtroom with a guy that has raped me. He is sitting just across from me. I have an attorney. He has an attorney. I have plead my case stating that this man I am pointing to viciously raped me. The man looked at the judge and said, I know it was an inappropriate act, I also know is was wrong. The judge looked at my rapist and said, yes it was inappropriate, and you have admitted it was wrong. After a pause of about 5 seconds, the judge looked at me and said, this man has just admitted that what he has done was wrong...therefore, understanding that he acted in the manner he did was because of his personal needs, I will rule in his favor. The end.

That ruling was made by one judge. Today there will be 53 judges ... we already know the ending.

If some of the Republican senators thought Trump was doing

something inappropriate and wrong, why didn't they speak up all during the time Trump was abusing his power? They are just as responsible as Trump!

Another day for Dear Leader as he sits alone in his

hidey hole musing over what to stir up next, a toxic sludge begins to ooze out of his lizard brain landing onto his security blankie, aka, his twitter machine. Counting on a "perfect" hateful message to use for slinging more poo at his enemies, he smirked and was ready. Being driven by revenge and breathing heavily with his open anal shaped mouth, he continues. After deciding which vile dishonest and vindictive words to write, he's primed and eager to conjure up one of what he considers to be a "perfect" tweet ... his hate reaches a climax. Satisfied, he hits send. Dotards cult is now feeding on their diet of daily tweet hate. Momentarily the orange one slides into his fight zone and is at the ready to continue with his vicious assaults on his opponents. Although he's proud of what he believes to be his major accomplishments, he knows he's in deep dark doo-doo if he can't pull off another win. The bloated turd concludes he must conjure up another evil and disgusting diversion ... and we wait.

White House claims John Bolton's book contains top secret info

and can not be published. Me thinks that's the reason someone...? in the white house made copies of the manuscript...knowing that Trump would see to it that the book would never see the light of day! Trump's reasoning for not allowing Bolton's book to be published would be for security reasons. However, we now know that there are copies of the manuscript, the question is who has them and will they be released. Someone should offer the person money for the manuscript...hmmm...I do believe that would be a quid pro quo. Our reason for a quid pro quo offer is needed for proof of the quid pro quo in question as it relates to the impeachment of the president.

If in the end no witnesses are called, can Justice Roberts call for a mistrial?

Republicans took an oath to save

president Trump and his corrupt sycophants. Democrats took an oath to save the constitution and our democratic institutions.

Because of Trump's tweets, and now with the

protests in VA, the Biden team should put together an ad where they show Trump's tweet about how we are going to take your guns. Timing is relevant.

"Republicans have used this as a wedge issue during every election, and you know what - we are NOT going to take your guns...think about it -- YOU STILL HAVE YOUR GUNS!"

Show us the proof of an "Imminent and sinister attacks"

on Americans. This from a known liar! Mr. Trump, we demand proof.

Think for a minute - or two, and let's remember Afghanistan and Iraq - did the killings of americans and others come to an end because we killed one of their worst leaders? No. Now Iran - do we honestly think this will end well. This is a circular nonsensical way to keep us safe. We don't trust "them" they don't trust "us"... back and forth. They don't care how many leaders we kill, they will just assign a new and possibly even more vicious leader. What they won't tolerate is the messing with their economy such as using sanctions...they are in it for long haul. They will wait - they are very hardened and patient. This could continue into 2100 for God's sake. I fear that my great grandchildren will facing this ongoing dilemma. We need to accept that they will continue to kill...and even more so if we continue to attack them. We can hope all we want but it won't solve this Hell from happening. They will retaliate. We don't know when, we don't know how...or where. Many wars have been justified, but this should not be one.

I don't want to argue with anyone about my view on this...it's just an honest heartfelt opinion.

Trump's soul is dark, so dark he leaves no shadow.

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