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Member since: Thu Nov 12, 2009, 11:57 AM
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I opened Cincinnati Craigslist for jobs (gigs) all the way back to August 8 and nothing.

Oops .... I found the link. Looks like maybe Trump is the LOSER!


That's the first thing I thought too. It's right there under the table. Clever!

Today is Labor Day! I'll bet that our Privileged President thinks all people who do

laborious work are Losers & Suckers.

Our Law & Order President told us to do something illegal. We can VOTE TWICE!

Trump claims he is the Law & Order President. OK then, where is the order?

Trump refuses to take any responsibility for the protests in liberal cities and

blames the Democratic Mayors for what he calls - riots, looting and violence. So let me get this straight - if the Mayors are responsible for all the mayhem and chaos today, and President Trump takes no blame, then logic would have it that the same would hold true when Biden is president the Mayors are still responsible! We need to turn the tables on Trump by constantly stating this fact.
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