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Member since: Fri Jan 1, 2010, 03:15 PM
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All of this is good, but it cannot succeed unless we use our beautiful government

the way our founding fathers/mothers intended us to use it. We MUST find a way to use the power of the vote to control our own government. We ARE the people. WE are the reason this nation exists. Seriously: they did not fight for the 1%. They fought for US.

The 1% are trying to buy off OUR government (it's called bribery), but if this country, this nation, is to succeed, we must literally muscle them out (we don't have the $$ but we do have the numbers).

We must take back the government. There's no other way.

One of the things I love about Bernie

is his willingness to discuss the REAL issues openly, calmly and rationally without getting nasty toward his opponent(s). I hope he runs as a Dem in the primaries, and I will gladly give him what money and support I can.

He is the only one who is going to tell the American people the truth. Even if the uber-prepared, fussed and trussed, moneyed-up, insanely cautious Hillary wins the primary, she'll have had to either: a) discuss the issues, or b) look very bad indeed for having avoided them.

Run, Bernie, run.

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