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Member since: Wed Mar 17, 2010, 07:44 AM
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If gas goes to 5.00 per gallon

Will you give up Internet to save money?
I posted this in another thread but am curious.
I just cant help but wonder if it is part of a plan to break up the national and global wide connection of occupy.

Something just hit me

I mostly lurk here and read the news and insight from members but was just reading a thread about those using the safty net and I realized that our problems with the economy could be solved overnight.

We need once and for all with taxation return this nations wealth to its rightful owners not so they can spend it on our overlords cheaply made goods but to provide a universal safty net for all the population.
Once the basic needs of shelter,food and care are met imagine the inovation and invention that can begin.
Have a great idea for a product that will better our lives?no problem you can work on it and perfect it without worry of starving.
Billions of dollars are just sitting in bank accounts doing nothing while we muddle along.
Instead of shrinking the safty net we need to expand and enlarge it.
Do that and watch the economy explode.
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