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Member since: Sat Jun 5, 2010, 09:43 PM
Number of posts: 2,514

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•Email this thread function... any time line?

miss that function.. by the way thanks for DU3.. has been a life saver especially with the spell check

anybody know About Wall Mart Here in New Mexico?

drove by the one on Wyoming a couple of times today... didn't notice anything, but lots of cars parked ... i didn't get a glance at the store entrances.. anybody got news locally?

post # 2000

damn seemed like just a month or so ago i hit 1k... been spending a lot of time here during the campaign... thanks to DU and Nate Silver been a good year..

i find it ironic that i haven't heard "October surprise" and "Hurricane Sandy"

used in the same sentence...

what about the tsunami

when i fell asleep early this morning, there was a tsunami alert for Hawaii... guess no news is good news...

in case nobody's noticed...

both of Romney' momentum changing moments happened in Boca Raton... even mice hate him..

voted early today...

first day of early voting in New Mexico... no sign of vigilantes at the polls, pretty much a steady stream of voters..

straight Democratic... but the straight ticket option is no longer included each office must be voted separately.. nevertheless we are now one Democratic voter richer in New Mexico..

wonder how soon Nate's numbers will change?

new mexico sample ballot..

just took a look at the sample ballot here (Bernalillo county)... of course I'm voting straight ticket.... my question is about all those judges that we need to retain, or remove.... in the past i often have not voted on them unless there was an over whelming reason to do so.. my question, are there any progressive judges that need my retain vote?.. any teabaggers that we need to remove?.. i ask because i haven't been paying a lot of attention to the local news for some time... thanks for any input..

wonder who is going to be calling the running mate "stench" now

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