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The United States Is Having Its First Pluto Return!

Pluto has a 248 year orbital cycle around the Sun, and in 2024, Pluto will have come back to its natal position - the zodiacal position it occupied in the US natal chart, once the 3.3 degree correction for equinoctial precession since our country's founding is factored into the equation. If you are not making the three degree plus correction, we are in the initial stages of that Pluto return already, and the midterm elections will be a real harbinger of what is to come. And of course, the dark or shadow side of Pluto is autocracy, totalitarianism and fascism. And of course, that means Donald Trump.

In fact, Pluto has played an important role in many important electoral events in our nation's recent history - and making the adjustment for equinoctial precession since our country's founding is essential to getting an accurate reading on them. The main events have been / will be as follows:

1) The 2000 presidential election and SCOTUS giving the presidency to George W. Bush: This coincided with Pluto crossing over the natal Ascendant of the United States.

2) The 2016 presidential election of Donald Trump: This coincided with transiting Pluto's opposition to the natal Sun of the USA.

3) The 2022 Midterm elections: This will coincide with the US Pluto return before the three degree plus adjustment for equinoctial precession is made.

4) The 2024 Presidential Election: This will coincide with the precession corrected US Pluto return.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it does seem like the writing is on the wall for our country taking a hard right turn towards fascism and Trumpism. We here at DU may know better, but we constitute a small minority; the masses - and Pluto does indeed have a correlation with mass consciousness and mass movements - are still ignorant and unenlightened, and may not be able to resist the siren call of Trumpism and fascism.
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