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Profile Information

Name: Johnathan
Gender: Male
Hometown: do I have a home?
Home country: USA
Current location: San Franciso Bay Area
Member since: Sun Aug 15, 2010, 04:05 PM
Number of posts: 802

About Me

As a 16 y.o. runaway from extreme peer bullying and parental neglect; specifically after being \"outed\" in a redneck town, it was one fat, boisterous idiot of a preacher who instrumented the lynch mob who literally \"ran me out of town\". This was precisely the hateful crap he was stirring that caused incidental mob mentality that I know nearly a whole certain town is horrified to look back upon. Fred Phelps himself was invited, and drove all the way there to head up this riot. It was like something out of a horror flick: invited to a \"party in my honor\", that was quickly revealed to be a hatefest, with Fred Phelps himself at the helm. From the moment I walked in the door he lit into an in-my-face spitting litany of my evils with family and community members teasing and touting \"praise cheezus\" all around. I left with a whole crowd chasing me down the street. I only stayed home long enough that evening to pack a backpack and head out, never to return. This was after many other pronounced anti-gay incidents that were escalating in severity. I\'ve spent my whole life attempting to live down that moment. If I could sue every one of the idiots who took part in that dipshit scenario I would not hesitate for one second. Odd conflict with me is, being very, very lucky to have run across a gay pedophile (if you will, he had more genuine humanitarian interest in getting me off the street than playing with my pee-pee) who sheltered, fed and street-schooled me till I was nearly 18. December 2009 I was doored off my bicycle in what was highly suspected as an anti-gay crime. Reason being I kept having drive by \"Faggot\" yelled at my home, then the same spray painted on it, within a couple months of this happening. I cannot identify my attackers. It came unexpectedly, so suddenly, and I was too dazed only to realized I was being repeatedly kicked in the head. It took a sort of hypnosis and drug enhanced therapy to recall what I could at a University PTSD study I participated in: but during that EMDR-like sessions I realized that I had been kicked in the head something on the order of 100 times by my attackers, I could smell strong whiskey and they were laughing and making homophobic comments. I\'m a radiologic technologist with over 20 years experience in CT and Xray. Unfortunately I have limitations to my physical ability to perform my chosen profession, due to pinched nerves in my neck. Insurance companies have rejected me for all plans. I have taken what Xray assignments I can. I\'m fortunate not to have lost most of my cognitive abilities, but I\'m not who I was before this occurence, by any long shot. I can no longer ride a bicycle or a motorcycle due to chronic dizziness. I\'ve had dozens of chronic ear infections since. My right eye still has a partially detached retina. I\'ve been opiate free for 6 months now, but still have some days I have trouble with old fractures. I am documented TBI case now basically multiple post concussive syndrome. I still want to work, and live much like I did before this happened but it is very difficult. I have difficulty sometimes forming sentences verbally in proper syntax, and have to go kind of slowly at this. I refuse to become dependent on SSDI though, because I still don\'t really have a home. I sold the house there in Arizona, still have some ranch property in Radiator Springs! But this fucked up all my plans for building a home there. Its still a campout. I\'ve finally paid off over 10,000 dollars worth of debt this attack caused me. State of Arizona refused me victims of crime compensation. (R) bastards. I\'m living on the edge of homelessness still. Only a few places have been understanding of my limitations, however, which are not severe, but ever present. I\'m hoping to go back to one of the best jobs I\'ve had, but things aren\'t as lucrative for rad techs as they were years ago. Albeit my past is bitter, has made some mediocrity seem sweet ever since.

Journal Archives

The thing that doubly burns my ass about ignorant statements like that

Is that loyal republidiots will mindlessly clap at even the most inane of statements such as this, convinced that their hero will save them from the hoardes of welfare-queens Fox Noize has convinced them all are "the problem". Observations of the troglodyte-consumer class during my recent foray into a midwestern region of the country where the Tea Party sort I encountered in abundance revealed that they simply don't possess the mental capacity to put together that republican shore-up-the-rich policies do not result in economic gains for the masses. Fox's flashy graphics and relentless sly psychological bent have them convinced that the whole country is in ruins right now despite all evidence to to the contrary, even when they are benefiting far better, can even admit that they are better off now and turn right around to blame Clinton for economic disaster under fuckstick Shrub.
The second class of ignorance that bothers me magnamously is also a ploy of republicanism. Operatives have also successfully bred such complacency or contempt of all things political under the meme of "Your vote doesn't make a difference" and "All politicians the same". I've seen this message spelled out in the lowest common intellect denominator of television programming on an occasion I was sickened by some program I was subject to unwillingly in a social situation. The same show carried the message that "college education is not necessary for success" and had a total plotline of "political involvement just makes trouble for you". This was a program aimed at Latino audiences. I was just.. wow... wtf... even not really paying attention to the idiotic show, these themes were hammered into the consumers in mesmerized attendance.
The two headed hydra of republicans is wielded with such utter disregard and actual contempt of their own constituency it is sickening. At least many of the clowns running these days have become so utterly sold on their own poisonous rhetoric they no longer even attempt to hide their imperialist browbeating.
Posted by nightscanner59 | Wed Jul 8, 2015, 10:29 PM (0 replies)
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