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GusBob's Journal
GusBob's Journal
February 3, 2017

I am not sure if this claim is accurate

Not to defend them. But the times don't match up

The NYT tweet I saw was 5am Washington time. The attack was predawn Yemen time

December 19, 2015

Thanks Cha, you rock!!!!! And Happy Merry Days to the HRC group

What a warm message this morning. Cha is simply the best.

The proverbial manger droppings are about to hit the fan around here.....to our friends in this group: take care, be well, watch yourselves and always keep the faith!

Taking a 2 week break from DU. See you in 2016....

September 23, 2015

They are setting Scotty up for 2020 already

Or his next presidential run by blaming everything on Rick Wiley.

This is bad news for cheeseheads, he will continue to ignore and/or use the state to pretend he is the next Ronny Raygun.

Some people are saying cabinet position.....he may abuse Wisconsin towards that end as well.

Some are saying FOX news.....the guy has a face for the Cartoon Network

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