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red dog 1

Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: San Francisco, Ca.
Home country: U.S.A.
Member since: Tue Sep 14, 2010, 03:05 PM
Number of posts: 19,439

About Me

San Francisco State University grad (Psychology).

Journal Archives

The Crazy Last Days of Rudy Giuliani and Steve Bannon

Mother Jones
October 29, 2020
by Dan Friedman and David Corn

Rudy Giuliani, Steve Bannon, and the entire Trumpland dirty-tricks squad seem desperate.
With days remaining until Election Day, they are running out of time to orchestrate an October surprise to help their dear leader win reelection.

In recent days their Fox-enabled efforts have demonstrated how far they are willing to go with their skullduggery.
Yet the world may be witnessing the death throes of Trump's most extreme enablers, protectors, and schemers - and it is ugly.

At 12:49 a.m. on Tuesday, Giuliani, once known as America's Mayor, retweeted a suggestion that Joe Biden is a pedophile, an unfounded and ridiculous claim that has spread among QAnon conspiracy devotees.

The tweet is no longer available on Twitter.
But this is the depth to which Giuliani has sunk in his role as a bottom-feeder searching for any dirt he can use to smear Biden on behalf of his client, Donald Trump.


Post a line from a song & see if anyone knows the song without using Google - Part 19

1) "Well the curtain falls too early, so they say" (answered)

2) "He looked the menu through and through, to see what fifteen cents would do"

3) "I'm a paranoid schizoid product of the 20th century"

4) "Would you like some of my tangerine?" (answered)

5) "What you gonna do when the well runs dry? You gonna run away and hide" (answered)

6) "I was cruising in my Sting Ray late one night" (answered)

7) "Yeah she's ugly, but she sure can cook, baby!" (answered)

8) "Say goodbye to the landlord for me...That son-of-a-bitch has always bored me"

9) "He loves his damned old rodeo as much as he loves me" (answered)

10) "Love handles, my girl's got 'em" (answered)

11) "I'm goin' out west out on the coast" (answered)

12) "I should have loved you better, didn't mean to be unkind" (answered)

13) "You've been holding on to it, and I sure would like a hit" (answered)

14) "Gonna leave the city, got to get away" (answered)

15) "I been smokin' dope, snortin' coke, tryin' to write a song"

16) "Walk me through this one, Don't leave me alone"

More song lyrics from Part 18:

Heard any new jokes lately?

Hippocrates said "Desperate times call for desperate measures"
For the past 4 years we've all been depressed because of that evil, orange POS who stole the 2016 election, and his Republican Congressional enablers (especially the Turtle), and we haven't had much to laugh at during those 4 years.
Normally, I wouldn't post a joke which makes fun of serious, life-threatening diseases such as Cancer or Alzeimers.
As a two-time Cancer survivor myself, I can tell you, there's nothing funny about having Cancer.
Nor is there anything funny about Alzheimer's Disease.
But the fact remains, we do "live in desperate times" and, that is why I posted a somewhat "tasteless joke".......because it's funny! ....and, (hopefully) it might make you laugh; because God knows, we need all the laughs we can get these days.

A Man goes to the doctor for a checkup.
The doctor examines him and says,
"I've got bad news, you've got Cancer and Alzheimers"
The man says "Thank God I don't have Cancer"

Post a line from a movie & see if anyone knows the movie without using Google - Part 34

1) "I hear you got a whore in there!"

2) "Why don't you knock it off with them negative waves?" (answered)

3) "I told you; Lexus don't make a convertible"

4) "I'm gonna be late for work again..That's the fifth time this week and it's only Tuesday!"

5) "Hey, what kind of joint is this, man?"

6) "I'm gonna go get the papers, get the papers" (answered)

7) "Vagiclean, huh? What's the matter, honey? Little extra cheese on the taco?"

8) "I didn't travel 600 miles for the amusement of morons!"

9) "Shut up and eat your shiksa!"

10) "I never pictured God with a fat gut and a corset singing 'My Way' at Caesar's Palace!"

11) "You know, Utvich? I think this might just be my masterpiece" (answered)

12) "Look, elephant girl, just go get Carol or something..I'll wait!" (answered)

13) "Miss Dum Dum ain't your teacher today, I am..and I've got a headache and the runs!" (answered)

14) (bangs microphone with her hand) "Is this fucking thing on?"

15) "Pay no attention to the man in the trunk!"

16) "Does it always shrivel up when you shower?"

17) "Is that a bra you're wearing, or are you expecting an assassination attempt?"

18) "Thanks, Reverend Roy; you've been a real pain in the ass!"

19) "The last man in that safe who didn't work here, Daddy shot in his tracks!"

20) "You gotta kill Bone first!"

21) "Now YOU should say something!"

22) "Have you ever read the bible, Pete?"

23) "Well, that's some monkey house in there!"

24) "How I know this?..I look like psychic to you?"

25) "This is my day off..I want a talking girl!" (answered)

26) "Mike, I've been kidnapped!"

27) "Well I wasn't born with your hand in my bush!"

28) "She gave me a smile I could feel in my hip pocket!"

29) "I look in your eyes, and all I see is fear"

30) "We can't travel in that shit heap!"

31) "They had lots of weapons, mister, and they were shootin' bullets!"

32) "You touched my brick?"

33) "Call 9 fucking 111..Call 9 fucking 111"

34) "He tried to pork me!"

35) "You can't outrun a Mororola!"

36) "You know my motto..Give me pu$$y or give me death!"

37) "I don't deserve Haagen-Dazs"

38) "Goddamn you, Joe Enders!"

39) "People who talk in metaphors oughta' shampoo my crotch!" (answered)

More TV lines from Part 33:

Post a line from a TV show & see if anyone knows the show without using Google - Part 35

1) "I will jump for you, Earl, but I won't jump for Joy" (answered)

2) (said in unison) "Hated it!" (answered)

3) "I'm Carl Hickey and I need your vote!"

4) "Good for you, Jack!" (answered)

5) "Somewhere in this hospital the anguished squeal of Pig Man cries out" (answered)

6) "I have a good mind to baptize you both...in dirty water" (answered)

7) "Why can't you be more like Lloyd Braun?" (answered)

8) "I need the secure packaging of Jockeys..My boys need a house!" (answered)

9) "I wipe my ass with your feelings!"

10) "There's been an accident....The new hearse is totaled...Your father is dead....Your father is dead, and my pot roast is ruined!" (answered)

11) "Why do we have to sit so close to the kitchen?..Is it because we're black?"

12) "You have a grating voice!"

13) "Elvis is charging!!"

14) "I thought ironic meant made up entirely of iron" (answered)

15) "I only came downtown to have one of my suits serviced"

16) "Who died and made YOU T-Bone Walker?"

17) "Aren't you the old man who got me fired from Java Hut?"

18) "Let's go buy a boat!"

19) "Anybody touches my liquor'll get cut!"

20) "I'm sorry, I don't speak maid" (answered)

21) "We should have stopped at Roy Rogers!" (answered)

22) "When was the last time you saw Harpo?" (answered)

23) "Eat your salad before it gets cold!"

24) "Is there any way the package could have survived?"

25) "Oh, you gotta' eat before surgery, you need your strength" (answered)

26) "Heck no, we won't go!"

27) "Saul, don't make me beat you 'til your legs don't work"

28) "How was Boca, Uncle June?" (answered)

29) "A gin and orange, a lemon squash, and a scotch and water, PLEASE!" (answered)

30) "Someone has to protect this family from the man who protects this family" (answered)

31) "I often sit in the dark..I find that it sharpens my other senses"

32) "Let me die in peace" (answered)

More TV show lines from Part 34:

Post the birth name of someone famous & see if anyone knows their stage name W/O using Google

Louis Burton Lindley Jr (answered)

Post a true but little-known fact about someone famous, living or dead -- Part 12

Debbie Harry was once a Playboy Bunny.

Ask a question about a band & see if anyone can answer it without using Google..Part 3

1) Who played pedal steel guitar in the New Riders of the Purple Sage's first album? (answered)

2) During the early days of the Beatles, which Beatle was most popular with the girls? (answered)

3) Who was the female lead singer for Fairport Convention? (answered)

4) What city did Sonic Youth come from?

5) What city did Iggy and the Stooges come from? [Also known as "The Stooges"]?

6) What city are The Smashing Pumpkins from? (answered)

7) What's the name of the first band Mick Jagger and Keith Richards were in?

8) What was the first band Jackson Browne joined? (answered)

9) What was the name of the band formed by Elvis Presley, Scotty Moore, and Bill Black in 1954?

10) What was the first girl group to release a number 1 R&B hit that also made the pop top 10?

11) What was the Coasters' only number one hit?

12) What city is Journey from? (answered)

13) What's the name of the first band Neil Young formed?

14) What was the name of the band John Belushi & friends formed in high school?

15) What was Dire Straits' original name?

16) What was Cheap Trick's original name?

17) What city did Third Eye Blind come from?

18) What was the name of the first band Rod Stewart formed?

19) What band did Bryan Adams join as lead vocalist when he was 15?

20) What was the name of the first band Johnny Depp was in?

More band questions from Part 2:

Post a line from a TV commercial & see if anyone knows the product without using Google - Part 12

1)"What's in the bag, goose?"

2) "Safe and restful sleep, sleep, sleep" (answered)

3) "If you've got the time.." (answered)

4) "So always look for..the union label" (answered)

5) "Ask any mermaid you happen to see" (answered)

6) "They're the cookies in the passionate purple package" (answered)

7) "If you're not using ___, you're working too hard"

8) "No more messes, no deposits..no more empties in the closets" (vintage)

9) "The only way to fly!" (answered)

10) "Gentle as a lamb, yes mam" (answered)

11) "He didn't know the gum was loaded"

12) "Open your snack hole"

13) "Biggest candy bar on reservation"

14) "Makes an overnight stop a vacation"

15) "A little powder sure does a lot for an underarm spray"

16) "It's got more meat to make him feel the way he should" (vintage)

17) Do it yourself! Do it for less!" (vintage)

18) "Boy, you in a heap of trouble!" (answered)

19) "Haven't tasted root beer like this in years"

20) "___ gives you more..more of what you changed to a filter for" (vintage)

More TV commercial lines from Part 11:

Describe only the beginning of a movie and see if anyone knows what movie it is


A man checks into a fleabag hotel and attempts to kill himself by jumping out of the window, but fails to open it and pulls a muscle in his back.
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