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Member since: Wed Sep 29, 2010, 10:26 PM
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Seattle man who wore clothes with holes, clipped coupons leaves $188M to institutions

Jack MacDonald, who kept a meager lifestyle all his life, was never poor as he appeared but was in fact a secret millionaire. MacDonald's astonishing donations from his will mark the largest philanthropic gift in Washington State this year. It's also the sixth-largest in the country for 2013 so far.


Don't forget to VOTE today!

Even if you're in an area without any major publicized elections, check if there are small elections or proposals on the ballot. (Sorry, I only know how to do that in Michigan.) In my area, it's just one proposal on the ballot that I haven't even seen any campaigning on, but it's an important one: renewing a millage for the school district.

Remember that with the low turn-out in off-off-year elections, your vote matters even more. I remember going near closing time one year and they had only had around 10 voters all day in my precinct (though that may have been on a "primary" day in an off-year, not sure). This is not a tiny precinct; in 2012 there were hour-long lines. Your vote could make a huge difference in a local election or in renewing a tax millage or something like that.

GD X-Post: Janitor works without pay trying to keep nursing home running after staff leaves

So it's a sad story in general, and there could be an argument that the janitor should have done something different, but the spirit behind it was still very heartwarming and good news. The guy stayed on-site 24 hrs/day trying to make sure the residents were ok. The full article is worth a read.

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