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Member since: Fri Dec 10, 2010, 10:36 PM
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Americans would say the same thing. Very well expressed and shows a good heart:

"In our country there are a lot of good people who love other people. Forgive us for all the rest."

Thanks for adding that.

'Ponzi scheme' Koch meme. 'Shell game' GOP meme since SS began.

None of it is either, unless the public does not believe in it. The method is from Segretti, and used to make people give up.

We either believe in keeping our promises to each other and ourselves and take on the responsiblity, or we run from it. We can participate, or we can stay on the side lines and accuse those doing the work as stupid, lazy, weak, ineffective or even dishonest.

But who is really being those things?

It always looks to me like the plantation owner who beat a slave when he didn't do things fast enough for the owner, (not for the worker, but the overseer, which carries through with where I'm going here) but work the overseer would never lower himself to do, or was incapable of doing.

Sound familiar?

The job of being a political activist is humbling personally. It can be risky socially, physically and financially. It is often unpopular, thankless in the short term and very unpleasant. Although the reward in the end is great, even if those doing gain little or nothing, for the ones who follow. The work for the worker is the work itself, not the opinion of the overseer.

It is cynicism that is bitter and lazy, wants instant gratification, just as the GOP and the Libertarians promise. They always see their thinking as superior for they have leisure to think, the confidence from no opposition in their face in politics, and not forced to work with adversaries. So they can remain blissfully pure.

To reject working positively for change leads to the same thing as the RW believes. And the result of always seeing everything in B&W, so awful and hopeless, allows one to feel justified at adopting the 'it's every man for himself' route and fall into selfishness. The negativity is used to explain why they are willing to stand by and let all burn, while they or others devouring the basic means for change like termites.

It's a win-win for those who accuse and refuse to honor the worker who is doing the job they wouldn't or couldn't do anyway. Mouths are kept happily busy and hearts are proud, but the hands doing the jobs are few, easy to take potshots at as they are busy working as they are confined to one thing, becoming a slow moving target and too busy to fight the disrespect.

Have you ever had a job like that?

I sure have. And I've not forgotten those who didn't know what how hard I or others worked, which they later learned and were amazed at what was accomplished, as they'd been busy sniping for the win. They do not have the capacity to be allies in a cause, to suffer in silence and be humble while getting the work done, because they took the cheap way to feel big, and didn't do a damn thing for anything but their own ego no matter how many words they use for cover.

It's a nasty little game being played and it's purely human and easy to feel that one is the winner. But we all lose by listening to these voices.


BREAKING NEWS: Lady Liberty requests repatriation to France:

"Enough is enough," the iconic, French-born resident who arrived in New York Harbor on June 19, 1885 was quoted as saying.

"The Republican Party now dominates the United States and is against all liberty and equality, wanting to turn this country into what we fought the Revolution in France to end.

They now proclaim that critical thinking skills and principles of the Enlightenment, which inspired my adopted homeland for generations, will no longer be taught in any school or allowed a voice.

Now they are even mocking the words with which I greeted over 20 million desperate emigrants to America. I'm leaving as soon as I can pack up and go."

The Republican Party spokesperson Wash Rinse Repeat Priebus then responded to the announcement by saying the French were never our allies and that the GOP would renew their calls to rid the USA of French influences.

He singled out French fries, French onion soup, French champagne, French perfume and other socialist and 'unmanly' products to restore America to its former greatness.

He then proposed crowning Charles Koch as the First King of America, sending women home to be kept barefoot and pregnant, and the resumption of the global slave trade to end unemployment benefits to save the economy.

"When wages are at the correct level, we have been promised that capital will once again return to these shores," he said.

The reform plan was quickly seized upon by all major media sources and will be enacted next year, said Priebus, who will be employed as official court jester.

More at the link:


An Anonymous quote (not Anonymous©) agrees with you:

Misery is easy to create. It's the tool of the maliciously lazy.

Happiness takes work, it is the reward for a life being well lived. Make the choice to not let others steal your hard earned joy.

~ Anonymous

A live concert in tribute to the space program years later:

Cross posted your thread to this thread celebrating the Moon landing and other space programs:

When Democrats are in office, great things happen:

I attended this concert. It was an awesome event, bringing back the days of the Moon landing, in a city and state run by Democrats:

Rendez-vous Houston: A City in Concert
was a live performance by musician Jean Michel Jarre amidst the skyscrapers of downtown Houston on the evening of April 5, 1986, coinciding with the release of the Rendez-Vous album. For a period of time, it held a place in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest outdoor "rock concert" in history, with figures varying from 1 to 1.5 million in attendance.

Rendez-vous Houston is remembered for being the concert which celebrated the astronauts of the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster, which had happened only two and a half months beforehand. One of Jarre's friends, astronaut Ron McNair, had been killed in the disaster. He was supposed to play the saxophone from space during the track "Last Rendez-Vous"; his substitute for the concert was Houston native Kirk Whalum.


In in April of 1986, Democrat Mark White was still governor, but he lost to Bill Clement in November. Texas was hard hit by Reagan. Despite the loss later that year by White, all down ticket Democrats won and Kathy Whitmire was the mayor of Houston.



The very beginning with President Kennedy speaking, still brings tears to my eyes. Hear the cheers of the crowd for the image of him projected on a skyscraper and his words.

What a beautiful vision our fellow Democrats have for America and the world. It has been a great time to be alive.

Hum hum hum hum:

I'd love to post this on a RW site:

If they squawked, I'd post this:

Obama would never say that. And they'd probably ban me for the first pic. Or make death threats...

They'd either be on board or be quiet if this were posted:

No matter what, they'll support Putin and Palin because of 'that there Kenyan in the White House.'

The man Frank Schaeffer described:

Oh, and the man in this picture that was my 2012 desktop:

This guy:

And as he says:

"I love you back!"

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