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summerschild's Journal
summerschild's Journal
October 19, 2014

2014 and 2016 may be the last real elections the U.S. ever has.

As I have watched Republicans (and the media) as our demographic future becomes more and more clear and the Republican reaction has become more and more entrenched in hate and more obvious in its racism, I have considered what we might expect in elections in years to come.

Sorry to say, but I believe when they can no longer win elections, they'll fall back on cheating and manipulating the system however they can to make themselves the winners. The voting machines have never been upgraded so they can't be manipulated for a reason - they may be needed to steal elections on a widespread or a selective basis. What we've seen on voting rights could be worse - look for them to break out the "electoral" changes if that seems necessary - or returning the citizen's vote to a congressman.

They will cheat. They will lie. And if they get any more of them on the Supreme Court we can hang it up. As much damage as they have done already, in fact, I don't even know that they need any more.

October 18, 2014

Don't you wonder how the pricing on Supreme Court Justices runs?

Bound to be pretty pricey, but I'm sure the Koch Brothers can afford it. And since it's Bush/oil country in the State of Texas, there's plenty more oil boys kicking in for the desired decision. The Republican Supremes probably secured their lifetimes financially with the Citizens United case, but of course they have to boost their assets for all the little grandbaby supremes, too, if they choose to.

They really should be seeing to that, since they are leaving such a hateful historical legacy. Ever wonder how this crop of Republicans will justify their undemocratic, discriminating asses to the next generation? Talk about rewriting history. I sure hope the historians nail Roberts with the truth.

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