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Member since: Sat May 7, 2011, 01:06 PM
Number of posts: 3,539

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Groups. I almost did it again.......

I understand that groups are somewhat privet yet the threads appear in latest threads.
Some groups get, shall we say a bit touchy, if a non group member posts to one of their threads.
This week I accidentally posted to one group's thread. It was actually a supportive response. None the less I was duly chastised.
OK, I respect their right to allow only their own opinions.

What would be nice is if their would be a way to lock yourself out of posting/responding to any group you don't belong to.

A switch would be nice. Something like Group Append = NO.
Yes I know, that would take some code. I think it would also save others some embarrassment.
I try to be as non offensive as possible however if I do offend someone I'd rather it be by intent rather than by accident.

The NSA issue. Do something, anything, even if it's wrong...........

Recently Thom Hartmann along with Shahid Buttar of the Bill of Rights Defense Committee and Mark Rumold of the Electronic Frontier Foundation provided an excellent presentation concerning the NSA's rather frightening spying powers. It is well worth watching and can be found here....

It would appear that many are trying to DO something about it. So, I did a little research to try to see how I might add one small voice to the fray. The results follow......

Bill of Rights Defense Committee

BORDC Not Without A Warrant

Electronic Frontier Foundation

EFF You Oppose

American Civil Liberties Union

Immersion Demo

Sorry, I don't use Gmail so I had to check out the demo. It did exactly what I was afraid it would do.
You're about three hops away from about half of the world. Also not only does it give stats on your contacts , it will also give stats on their contacts. Also note how easy it is to tell what common contact places them in your contact "chain". Right, "Meta Data" my B.....
Are you scared yet?
If you aren't then go ahead and checkout if your being tracked by your cell phone.

Do look at some of the ACLU information request responses. Or non responses as the case may be.
Tell Congress: Support Strong Location Privacy Legislation

Although the White House "free the loose cannon" petition reached 100,000 signatures within two weeks, I could find no active petition to stop domestic spying!
If anyone finds an active petition, please append it.

For the time being, let's try this...
Electronic Privacy Information Center

Their Petition is here....

We believe that the NSA's collection of domestic communications contravenes the First and Fourth Amendments to the United States Constitution, and violates several federal privacy laws, including the Privacy Act of 1974, and the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 as amended.


Another petition, this time to congress can be found at Stop Watching Us.
Note that I am not familiar with these folk but their petition can be found here........
Do read it first!

What Mark Udall and Ron Wyden are doing.....

All week, Udall and Sen. Ron Wyden of Oregon have urged the White House to end a program, authorized by the Patriot Act, that indiscriminately collects phone records and metadata of every American.


How can we support them?

What Alan Grayson is doing.......

Alan Grayson has written an amendment that he will soon introduce in the House of Representatives that deals with the relentless and endless NSA spying on Americans. He’s calling it the “Mind Your Own Business” Act — and he’s looking for your support. Yes, this is a petition, but yes, it will also be a bill before the House.


His petition here....

How can we support him?

I know that some think that Edward Snowden a hero while others think that he is a villain.
Personally, I consider him a loose cannon.
I just don't think that chatting about his Russian adventures will help matters.
Both the NSA and the patriot act are real issues.
Hope I will have had some small part in helping fix the problem.

Drone hunting craze to replace weekend skeet shoots....

Local municipalities are welcoming the boost in tourism and revenues as licensed drone hunting commences. The Drones Shoots are a newly celebrated sight. Excited enthusiasts gather from across the nation, making purchases from a number of discount ammo tables, funnel cake vendors and taco trucks providing tailgate service at shooting sites.


Next up. Open season on RC Airplanes.

RNC to solicit bids for the Romney-2012 General Election microcode enhancement.

The Republican National Committee is seeking detailed design plans for the Romney-2012 General Election microcode upgrade.

Required enhancements include but are not limited to….
• Re-writing the planned parenthood, “that’s_got_ to_ go” messaging sub system.
• Strengthen user interface code in areas of usability and accessibility.
• Performance improvements in the Obamacare removal sub routines.
• Additional function added to the ‘tea bag’ emulation feature.
• Firewall option to protect against the ‘Cat Scratch Fever’ virus.
• Greater utilization of the Ann_Romney-2012 sub function.

Problem areas in current code implantation that must be addressed in this release are as follows.
• Hang detect condition involving strapping family pets to car top.
• Removal of all messages pertaining to ‘family jokes’ involving factory closings.
• Endless loop where candidate continually repeats the phrase, “the trees are just the right height”.
• Fatal embrace condition when interfacing with the Paul_Ryan-2020 sub function.

The Romney-2012 is a proven, state of the art, next in line, hardware configuration. No major hardware alterations are in plan with the possible exception of darkening hair color to make candidate more visually appealing.

All bids/design plans must be submitted on or before 8/30/2012.
Any hidden/surprise functions that will activate after 10/01/2012 should be noted.
Bids/Designs are to be submitted to the Republican National Committee.
In care of Karl Rove.


Feeding time as the herd gathers around the alpha male.....

Got to love it!

Apparently the freerepublic website and those known as freepers led by its dictator Jim Robinson are intent on defeating Romney and throwing their support to Obama because they do not perceive Romney as conservative enough. It is people like that who will help to reelect Obama in a close election. These folks are blind fanatics driven by a lot of misinformation and anti mormon propaganda. Hundreds have left that website because of Robinson's anti Romney stand. If we lose a close one you can blame Jim Robinson and his band of screwballs.


Shutting down to clean 'nose coffee' out of keyboard.

To our extra terrestrial friends who are confused about our election rhetoric.

If you have been reviewing our transmissions as the United States ramps up for November election, I can understand how you might be a bit confused.
You may have come under the impression that we select our leaders solely on their treatment of house hold pets and whether or not they eat peas.
It may appear to you that we have replaced the concept of one person equals one vote in favor of a system where one dollar equals one vote. Hopefully this will be a temporary situation.
What may confuse you even more is those possessing the ‘purchasing power’, cannot align with the candidate of their choice but must use their resources mostly to attack the candidate that is not their choice.
This might explain to you why you hear so much about stay at home housewives, militant musicians; who incidentally you will not find in the rock and roll hall of fame; and other foolishness that you, as an advanced race cannot understand.

From the current background noise it may appear that our current president, one Barack Obama has accomplished little since he took office.
It is true that Obama has not accomplished all that we had hoped for, however it most defiantly cannot be said that he has accomplished nothing.
The following may give you some idea of what has been achieved.


You should be aware that we have two major political parties with radical splinter groups such as the TeaBaggers, yup that’s what they call themselves, generally aligning themselves with one major party or the other.
In most of our history the two major parties have found ways to work with each other to address the needs of managing the country.

In recent years this has most certainly not been the case. The leaders of party that Mr. Romney is aligned with have exhibit single minded fervor to one and only one goal.
It is expressed by one of their leaders here…..

I hope you will understand that it is the substance rather than the retroact that is important.

Zimmerman. An interesting perspective from a most unexpected place....

Although this article was found on the Jeff Rense tabloid, Joseph B. Ehrlich expresses a surprisingly clear opinion.

"Let us get to the heart of the claim: that the evidence is that the cries for help came from Trayvon Martin. What would cause the minor to cry out for help in the manner done, the victim, surely reflecting a good dose of hysteria, fear and concern in those cries? How long after hearing those cries was Trayvon Martin shot and killed?"


It is still my belief that this story has been rewritten to many times and as such.....

Dam, I can't wait for the movie.

Has it come to this?

It was one of those first cold, dark, early winter days. Late November.
We were let loose from school early, real early. We were told we were sent home to be with our familes.
As we crunched through the dried leaves through the forbidden grave yard short cut home, we whispered to each other.
Could this be IT. Could it realy be that crawling under the unerl in the boys room would not protect us from Cube’s dreaded Nuclear missiles.
Would the bombs fall?
On arriving home, that my father was already there was a frighightning thing.
At what moment would the flash come?
Had it come to this?

John F.Kennedy was killed in Texas by an assins bullet.

Something you will remember always.
Not something to be made light of.

Now, billionaire fools joke about killing presidents.
Have the BlueBloods risen to such great power that they can speak openly of such things?
Could this be IT.
Has it come to this.


The Republican Dream Team

Now that Mitt Romney and those who he will represent appear certain to have purchased the republican nomination, a few right wing forms are polling for their choice for the Vice Presidential candidate.
I think we should help them.
Some of the choices are but are not limited to…..

Marco Rubio
Allen West
Chris Christie
Paul Ryan
Condi Rice
Nicky Haley
Scott Walker
Rick Santorum
Rand Paul

My own personal favorite is Paul Ryan.

“The poll also found Ryan is now the nation’s third most disliked Republican, with net unfavorable ratings that trail only former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.”


Please feel free to select you’re favorite second member of the republican nightmare team.

Don’t forget to add how you’re selection will help President Obama’s reelection campaign.

Sorry about the Dude thing.

I'm not fimilar with that sight so cant be sure they arent like frepers.
If they do any seriouse polling they should be more carfull.
Any assumption that birthers or extream right is honest is a bad idea.
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