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Member since: Mon Aug 1, 2011, 11:14 PM
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General rant about insurance

My daughter in DE fell Monday and hurt her ankle - she literally heard a "pop" sound. It swelled to twice it's size and is bruised. That evening she went to an outpatient clinic where it was x-rayed. She was told there is no break evident, but she may have torn something and if it is not better or showing real improvement in 2 days to seek further care.

It has not improved, so she went to her regular doctor as the orthopedist was unavailable, and her primary care physician ordered an MRI. Aetna has denied the test saying she should wait six weeks to see if it gets better before getting further testing done.

In the meantime besides not having her injury taken care of, this is her right ankle so she cannot drive. She works, has two toddlers (2 and 4) that need to be picked up from daycare, and now she has to wait until it "spontaneously" heals which it is showing no signs of doing OR 6 weeks to be treated, whichever comes first.

How is this the BEST health care in the world, can someone explain that to me?

Rant done, thanks for reading.
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