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Member since: Tue Oct 11, 2011, 08:56 AM
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Are the cops hinting they will brutalize nonbelievers in Tazwell, iL?


The photo in this site shows cops in this town posing beside their police cars that have In God We Trust painted on them. They are clearly showing off their sidearms and adopting tough postures as though they are ready to use force against all who disagree. What is the real purpose of posing with their guns showing beside these religious signs? Is this not a not too covert warning that they are planning to enforce the respect or observance of their religion by force? Are they hinting that they will brutalize atheists who show disrespect of religion? Are these guys, in fact, launching their form of a Holy Inquisition? Why don't we publicize what we think are their likely motives and let the chips fall where they may? Sure we may get lambasted as paranoids but there is a lot of evidence that many cops see themselves as defenders of the faith and are ready to use force. We will thus introduce an idea that may explain much of their future behaviors and one that will be hard for them to escape or ignore.
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