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Mc Mike

Mc Mike's Journal
Mc Mike's Journal
November 17, 2016

OUR prez won millions more votes. Our current candidate also won over 2.8 million more votes.

Everybody saw how they deferred to Prez O after he won 9.5 million more, then 6 million more, votes than the repug candidates.

When a repug calls for unity, they mean shut up and do things exactly how we want them.

Keith O has broadcast 2 Resistance vids on GQ / youtube, so far. Worth watching.

November 17, 2016

The swinish repuglinazis are really feeling their oats. But there are more of us than there are of


And see how they're acting while the presidency is controlled by us?

That's exactly how we can and will act when their cowardly master is in the white house.

Every one of us will do everything we can, when we see their freaks try to pull something around us.

November 17, 2016

I do what I can to counter the righties JPII and Ratzinger put in, all the time.

Last week, before the election, I went to a church uptown, by Duquesne University. (I bounce from parish to parish). The priest there is a new one, transferred over here from east central PA. He gave a sermon where he told a story about an experience he shared with a group of nuns in his parish there. Those women revered a Jesuit priest that had been imprisoned for 28 years by Stalin. The priest had been jugged up in '41, and after release was stationed in the parish where the convent was. The nuns thought he was saintly, and kept a small cross of his after he died. The priest who gave the sermon to me in Pgh related that the nuns used that cross to pray over one of their sick and elderly members, and she recovered from the deathbed, extrodinarily.

The priest who told the story was illustrating some of the themes from the 1st 2nd and gospel readings, but here's where I shine in. After mass, the priest often waits by the door to greet people. When I went by him, I shook his hand and told him 'have a good week father'. Then I stopped about 10' away, watched to make sure nobody else was coming up to him, and went back and had a private word with him. I said "that jesuit priest who's a saint..", and he said "he's not a saint", and I said "ok, he should be a saint", and he agreed. So I started over and said "that priest who got jugged up by Stalin -- what do you think he'd make of all those ties between Putin and dRumpf?" He said, in a voice that was a bit miffed "well I don't know." I said "Oh. Have a good week father."

I do what I can, when I can. I do it while knowing and observing the rituals of the church's religious ceremonies. I didn't do it to stick it to this new priest. He knows exactly what that saintly Jesuit would think of drumpf and Putin. I just pushed the point home.

I could tell you a very byzantine and interesting story about that church (epiphany), why it's there, the felony arson committed by Mellon underling Henry Frick, the bizarre cabalistic group the church used to reach out to mason Frick, the arcane symbology in the church's ornamentation, with a tie in to Guy Ritchie's first Sherlock Holmes movie, with Robert Downey, Jude Law, and Mark Strong starring. But it would be a bit long winded, so I'll spare you unless you want it.

November 17, 2016

TPM showed a brexit style flip in candidate victory odds, 9:30 pm, election night.


Now the media is trying to explain the surpise flip of 5 states, all in the orange bald nazi's favor. So they're giving us extremely unlikely particulars to make it seem "sensible". Over a quarter of Hispanics voted for him. Over half of White Women voted for him, 13 % of Black Men voted for him, etc. Statements of ''fact'' that are palpably bull shit.

The electronic vote counting systems are so insecure, at so many points in the process, that it is sickening.

Ken Blackwell diverted Ohio's statewide vote tallying to a private company, owned by repugs, in Chattanooga TN, on election night in '04. The company (SMARTech / Gov Tech) hosted private repug websites, (including the private e-mail servers that 'lost' millions of Congressionally subpoenaed bush admin e-mails between Rove and Gonzales, pertaining to the scandalous firings of 9 US Attorney Generals.) As a result of Blackwell and SMARTech's work, Ohio decided the election in favor of li'l bush, so he 'won' the national election in '04. Blackwell's now working for the dRumpf transition team.

That's at the state level, where all different counties' tabulated results are fed in, to get overall state results. One step lower, all the different district/precinct results for each county are fed into a central county tabulator. The tabulator has code that can be manipulated remotely, or using a thumb drive, or using the tabulator's own terminal. A convicted computer hacker felon named Jeff Dean wrote the code used by 99% of the county central tabulators in the country, used by 4 different voting machine vendors. Jeff Dean is a convicted felon, whose convictions stem from computer hacking into banks. He was an employee of Egil Bud Krogh, the convicted repug party Nixon admin watergate felon who ran the "plumbers unit". Krogh was an Erlichman aide who employed repug operatives G. Gordon Liddy and E. Howard Hunt to manipulate the '72 elections. The candidate who "won" in 2016 employed repug party Watergate criminals Roger Stone and Paul Manafort.

One step lower, at the district/precinct level, there's a possibility the vote counts can be flipped and switched before they go off to the county's central tabulator. I was a poll worker for the county, the majority inspector of elections, in the district next to mine in the 19th Ward, for 5 elections over a 3 year period. During the '07 General Election, the County's elections manager ordered computer techs to go to the different precincts and use the ES&S Ivotronic voting machines' Master PEB Cartridges to "check the voltage", 2 hours before the polls closed. Both District 3 and District 4's machines were accessed by the county tech. (I still have his business card.) Both districts have a strong Dem voter registration advantage, and both usually record a strong preference for the Dem candidate during every election. But in the '07 final election, both recorded a preference for the repug candidate for Mayor.

After seeing this happen, when I was trained for the '08 General (Final) Election, I asked the County elections expert trainer if we should allow county techs to access our machines, using the Master PEB Cart, near the end of the voting day, if the machines are obviously not having any problems. Boy, did they get unhappy and hot in a hurry.

It was a simple question, I didn't ask it in a snotty manner. But they first tried to say maybe I wasn't even allowed to work inside the polls -- since I was a 19th Ward Dem committeeman, there might be some sort of vague unspecified conflict. I said "Oh, all right" and started to leave the training site, and they said "No, no, we want you to work." (The job is long hours, sucky pay, and they can't get enough personnel to work their polls.) Then when I got home, (it was a Saturday) I had an extremely irate message on my phone from one of the wiseguys who control county elections. I called him back, and he was real mad and agro, asking me several stupid and aggressive questions when all he had to do was tell me my services weren't needed to work the polls. Then on election day, my district had a ton of unusual problems, though the 4 previous elections I worked had gone smoothly. So I dealt with the problems, and wrote all the irregularities down. O'Brien and Flynn from the county didn't send anyone to check our voltage. My speculation is that there was a backdoor to the Ivotronics program, where Check Voltage = Flip Tallied Votes, switch candidate preference totals. And I'd like to point out that the current 2016 'victor' definitely received the wiseguy vote.

The bottom step, in terms of possible vote count security flaws, is the actions of the actual poll workers. In the past, audits of machine results have shown manipulation, where there was a long run of voters who voted for repugs, then several who voted for dems, then another long run of voters who voted for repugs. In this 2016 final election, I worked for Election Protection, at Ward 30, District 1 and 4, a few miles away from my home District. I stayed after the polls finished up and posted their final results tapes outside the polling place, around 8:15 pm. They recorded 60% turn out. Then I went to my voting precinct to see my poll's results. Ward 19, District 28's personnel were still busy inside the polling place, there wasn't a crowd of voters inside, as I could see through the slit windows. I didn't have a county poll watcher's certificate, so couldn't go inside the locked polling location. I waited outside for a half hour, then gave up and went home. I wound up going to see the posted results at 5:30 am the next day, then looking them up on the county website.

My precinct recorded an 81% turn out, 10 to 20 % higher than the 19,4 and 19,3 polls I worked in the past, the 19,1 poll that I voted in for 2 decades, and the 30,1 and 4 districts I just got done 'protecting'. And 31% of the votes in this Dem stronghold poll were for dRUmpf, while only 14 and 19 % backed him in the 2 Ward 30 districts I worked at.

So, I don't allege any felony election fraud was committed by the poll workers in 19, 28. But it would be easy enough to verify, by looking at audited machine results, the district register, the signed voter cards. I'm on the record, with the Ward 30 Chair, with the 30, 1 Dem committeman, with the former Ward 19 chair I served under (2 of whose relatives served in statewide offices), with the 5 election protection lawyers and observers I interacted with, with 3 of my Dem party-backing union officials, with the 2 official poll watchers from the Democratic Party. Every statement I made can be easily verified, all those local Dem honchos know who and what I am and what I did. I'm willing to swear an oath and sign a deposition about all the particulars I related above.

The issue is this: There are a lot of dem bigshots and honchos around this site. BUT, there is a disconnect between the 'important' dems who post here, and the dems who are 'important' in the physical area I live in, in Western PA, which is in one of the states that improbably 'flipped'. As usual, after I put in work on an election, all the area's bigshots immediately stop communicating with me, until they need me again in 2 or 4 years. The official campaigns fold up and disappear, the Dem-backing labor elements go back to not communicating with rank and filers like me, the Dem party local officials go back to whatever they're usually doing, the massive Election Protection coalition's groups of activist lawyers, social justice orgs, civil rights orgs, labor orgs go back to their standard radio silence. There will be no after-action report issued, there will be no post election meeting to offer a post mortem analysis.

It sure would be easy to verify that everything was above board in my Dem stronghold voting district. But while I have the will, I lack the authority, credentials, portfolio, or support to do so.

Of course, I'm willing to entertain any suggestions from this site's Dem bigshots.
November 17, 2016

3 LTTEs to the IBEW Journal

We got a new Int'l Prez, recently. The old one, Ed Hill, was very politically active and outspoken. He's from Local 712, next door to my local, up the Ohio river in Beaver County. The new Prez started out fairly well, politically, but something happened after August. We didn't get a September or October Electrical Worker (our Int'l's monthly paper), and we didn't get a Journal (quarterly mag) for summer or fall, which was quite a departure from past practices.

In previous election years, we usually would get quite a bit of good info, articles, and LTTEs from different locals' officers and rank-and-filers supporting labor and Dems, in our Journal and EW paper. This year, while I was getting repug mailers from the NY state gop, I received nothing from my union. I checked with local officials, and they told me nothing was being sent, that it wasn't just me not getting my mail. My wife's AFT union sent a decent amount of anti-drumpf info, but nothing came from my union. I don't know what to make of it, but I sent those guys 3 letters, hoping they'd publish one. They had published election stuff I wrote in '08 and '12. So I'm 'publishing' it here.


Editors, IBEW Journal / The Electrical Worker
900 Seventh St., N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20001

Trump and Labor

Trump started his high-profile big Manhattan real estate developer career by demolishing the Bonwit Teller building to make room for Trump Tower. He immediately got involved in a scam employing over 150 undocumented ‘illegal alien’ workers, on a site where he hired contractors tied to two organized crime families (Genovese, Gambino). He takes pride in being a notorious micro-manager, he had an office right across the street, he visited that site hundreds of times. But he claims he never saw 150 guys running around demolishing the building without hardhats, guys who lived and slept on the site because they were only getting $5/hr, and who threw frequent work stoppages because they weren’t being paid. (It must have been fun to run temporary power for that site.) Despite his excuses, federal courts found that he ripped off union workers from LIUNA #95 and split the profits on saved labor costs with his crooked business associates.(1)(2)(3) So Trump employed ‘illegals’ and partnered with some of the biggest criminals in the country, but he kicked off his campaign by railing against ‘criminal’ immigrants and ‘illegal’ immigrant labor. And his fans, who don’t know any better, loved it.

Trump has been selling and distributing campaign hats that say ‘Make America Great Again’ on the front, but say ‘Made in China’ on the label inside. No labor from UNITE, GCIU, or UFCW is used for his merchandise. He started out getting hats from a Louisiana company called Ace Specialties which used Chinese merchandise, until this June when reporters found out that Trump was making money by spending millions of dollars in campaign contributions on businesses connected to him and his family, and Ace is owned by someone on Eric Trump’s ‘charitable’ foundation Board of Directors.(4) So he switched over to Cali-Fame in CA to supply the hats. Cali-Fame claims its hats are US made, but it uses that Mexican labor Trump ‘doesn’t like’, uses imported parts like bills and stiffeners, and was caught using foreign fabric, which is against federal law for products labeled ‘Made in US’.(5)

Over the years, all Trump’s merchandise has been shown to be made in Mexico, China, Bangladesh, Honduras, and other countries in Asia and Central & South America. Over 1,200 shipments of Trump-brand goods have been imported from foreign companies since 2011.(6) He’s making money off of NAFTA and GATT, but says he’s ‘against’ them and the TPP. He says he’s going to ‘put Americans back to work’, and his fans go to his rallies and put on ‘Make America Great Again’ hats that weren’t made in America. They don’t see that he’s slapping them right in the face and calling them stupid, just by giving or selling them his campaign hats.

Trump Taj Mahal is now closing and laying off its last 3,200 UNITE-HERE #54 workers in Atlantic City after this Labor Day, another blow to the city’s economy caused by Trump. The Taj is just another one of the many companies he ran that went bankrupt. Post-bankruptcy it still bears the Trump brand name, he still owns 10% of it, it’s going out of business, but Trump’s a ‘business genius’.(7)(8)

He has a team of lawyers on permanent hire and is involved in thousands of business and labor lawsuits, where he sues ex-workers, or where he stiffs workers and contractors after the job is done. He tells them to take pennies on the dollar as pay for legally contracted work they’ve completed or he’ll see them in court, so they have to sue him to get paid. He refused to pay $70 million to 250 construction contractors when the Taj was done and about to open.(9) The biggest nightmare for a contractor is completing the punch list, not getting paid, and then having to spend a ton of money on lawyers in court for years. But Trump’s running as a “jobs president” who cares about American workers and businesses.

Trump’s been attacking workers who are trying for better job conditions at his Vegas hotel. He just had to settle in court for his attacks against employees who wanted to join the U-H Culinary workers #226 and Bartenders #165.(10) But he isn’t having problems with any casino employees in Las Vegas because, as investigative journalist Wayne Barrett pointed out on Democracy Now, he has the only big hotel in the heart of Vegas that doesn’t have a casino. That’s because he’s afraid to face the detailed business and criminal connections scrutiny that the Gaming Commission would require, he can’t go through the licensing procedure, can’t stand the intensive background check needed for him to get the clearance from casino regulators to be an owner or key employee of a Casino. He can’t pass muster for a state Gaming Commission but he’s running for President.(11) He won’t release info to the Nevada G.C. like he won’t release his tax returns to voters. He’s the first-ever candidate not to do so, since Nixon and Agnew’s Watergate tax crime convictions caused all candidates from both parties to have to release their taxes, when they run for Prez or VP. (12) In his investigative reporting series Barrett called him a ‘classic state capitalist’ because candidate Don and his dad Fred got all their money from public subsidies and political favors, like Putin’s oil-billionaire buddies, or Chinese party officials that are tech billionaires.(13) Fred made the money, little Donnie inherited it. They got rich off of our tax dollars. But naturally, Trump can’t prove he pays his taxes.

Candidate Trump says he’s against the minimum wage and favors ‘right to work’, even though you can see from all the above examples that ‘excessive labor costs’ didn’t contribute anything to the business whiz’s many bankrupt companies. Now he’s running on a ‘jobs for American workers’ platform, with no jobs programs or proposals, no paperwork with a jobs plan on it, (the same thing the Repubs did in ’10, ’12, ’14,). He just named his economic adviser dream team, it’s full of bankers, hedge fund people, ex-Goldman Sachs execs, real estate investors, and of course nobody from Labor is at the planning table.(14) Don’t worry, the guy who’s most famous for telling people ‘you’re fired’ on t.v. ‘cares about American workers’, because he says so while campaigning for our vote.

His fans think he’s a great business success without any proof, just because he says so. He’s against criminals and ‘illegals’, because he says, and he ‘wants everything made in America’, because he says. And he ‘cares about American jobs and American small businesses’. Because he says. All his political opponents are ‘crooked, lying, stupid, crazy, lazy, little’, but Donald Trump isn’t, because he said so. None of his voters will ever bother to look up Trump’s track record on business, jobs, and labor; they all just know that Trump’s stated positions are ‘true’, because he said so. But instead of voting for Trump, because he’s going to ‘put America back to work’, his supporters should just apply for work at one of the few remaining, failing Trump businesses. Because that’s the only way they’re ever going to get a job out of little Donnie, though they probably won’t like the wages, hours, and conditions.

Vote Dem up and down the ballot, everywhere, and kick these Trump republicans out from all positions of power in our government.

Mike Mc______
____ _______ St.
Pgh., PA ______
Local 5, Card #_________ .

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November 15, 2016

I'm pretty sure he'll take us to war, wreck the economy,

abuse executive office power in an insane and illegal way, break the government, and have a record number of appointees indicted.

Just a wild guess. I want to get this prediction in early.

November 8, 2016

SW Pittsburgh Polls

Close to 300 voted out of 700, for the Ward 30, Dist 1 & 4 combined polls (Knoxville, between Beltzhoover and Mt. Oliver), as of 12:30.

Ward 19, Dist 28 had over 300 votes as of 12:30.

Ward 30 Chair said Washington PA had 2 hour lines to vote. I haven't seen news on it, or a cause.

November 8, 2016

He's still squatting in Vatican city, ready to be an 'anti-pope'.

Sister Simone Campbell from Nuns on the Bus and NETWORK is good. Sister Pat Farrell from LCWR is, too. Nun Justice is good, Maryknolls are.



When the clergy goes the right way, good people support them. When they go the wrong way, good people oppose them. When they issue unsound edicts, we ignore them.

I was catholic before that runaway IG farben chemical salesman became pope and brought his hitler youth buddy in to enforce 'doctrine'.

Brigid hid the Irish naturists inside the violent conquering wave. "...she founded a monastery in Kildare, called the Church of the Oak. It was built above a pagan shrine to the Celtic goddess Brigid, which was beneath a large oak tree."

November 7, 2016

They ARE a bunch of dicks.

It isn't just that they cheat, and piss and moan about how everything is rigged against them, at the same time.

It's also that they commit copious felonies, constantly, brazenly, blatantly, and seem to always get away with them. So many many of them should be in prison right now, but are on the tv instead talking about how their opponents are crooked criminals who should be locked up.

They need to be squashed like a bad smelling smouldering dog-end of a nickel cigar.

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