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Mc Mike

Mc Mike's Journal
Mc Mike's Journal
October 28, 2012

Har Har! It was only temporary, but

you have to admit, to lose 220 out of 270 posts, with 5 temporary ignores, is an interesting phenomenom, from nearly any point of view.

October 26, 2012

There are a wide range of respectable people and groups in this fight.

Bev Harris at Black Box Voting. Brad Friedman at Brad Blog and VelvetRevolution. Fitrakis and Wasserman at FreePress.org. The League of Women Voters. Prof. Mark C. Miller at NYU. NAACP LDF, NC of La Raza, NOW, AFL-CIO, ACLU. The 866 OUR VOTE number and site. PFAW, Common Cause. I think The Nation teamed up with ColorOfChange on requests for local coverage.

This isn't to say "we should do nothing, other people have the point" on this issue. Our side has to be on their toes on election day and after. We report to anyone and everyone any bull we experience, and get the truth about anything we hear second hand, then contact everyone else in the loop.

These electronic voting manipulation tactics make our side nervous and edgy about the possibilities. But the fact that they have to build in up to 20% flip for their side shows how certainly right our side is, and how few members of 'the 47%' actually buy the repugs' horrible lying agenda, despite lies by the corporate media and polling companies. In other words, anytime we're talking politics to the general public, that person we're speaking to is 70% likely to not like the repugs agenda. Because Romney is just hoping to hit 51%, all along he has just been fighting to win at least 31% approval. Bush-level approval.

The dog don't like its food, while Romney Repugs campaign in a 'dog ate my homework' style. His Libya lies, his 'America the Beautiful' quartet, positions on women labor civil rights, his blizzard of tone-deaf 1% moves and fantastic gaffes, the media retails to us as a dog-food commercial, offering to take the American public on a car-roof ride. The collar don't fit, Mitt,

October 22, 2012

I wonder how many third-trimester fetuses

the 'pro-life' l'il bush let drown during Katrina.

'Pro-life' politicos' policy positions are simple: government-enforcement is used to keep the 'person' alive for month 0 thru 9, then let the little welfare fraud die.

Santorum opposed ALL pre-natal care, as a gate-way to abortion, all EXCEPT for the 'mandatory trans-vaginal ultrasound' pre-natal procedure.

The 'pro-life' base double-thinks around all the unpleasantness easily, without batting an eye. They jump right on board putting these swine into power, because the swine expressed their 'moral' 'concern' for 'helpless little living people'.

Hitchens was exposed as a fraud and repug intel operative when he spun his bull-shit April Glaspie narrative, to 'explain' Poppy bush's war, when Desert Shield became Desert Sword (then Storm). Now you post under a 'mechanistic materialist' handle, reintroducing a post from a Fundamentalist Moslem, who fondly remembers a pro-life atheist that 'turned' repug because of fundy Islamicists -- and he fondly remembers Hitchens because 'the Hitch' thought that the pro-life fundy Christians were right.

The writing's on the wall. It's obviously time for Dems to rethink their committment to reproductive civil rights, and switch over to backing the position espoused by Romney-Ryan-Akin-Walsh, since everyone thinks they're right. Everyone from fundy Christians to Atheists to fundy Moslems to "fans of an 'evil-horror-style' novel mythos which features an 'atheistic' nihilism that paradoxically promotes worship of 'fallen angel' aliens as deities". If Dobson, Hitchens, Hasan, and Lovecraft are all in agreement with the repugs, might as well surrender now, two weeks before the elections.

The biggest laugh is that the 'pro-life' repugs have long been positing a conspiracy that has radical feminists in bed with fundy Islamicists in an attack on America. In reality, the women ARE America, and the repugs are attacking.

October 19, 2012

I like the other version of the segment's title

on the left of the viewing screen: "Right Wing Truthers lead Romney to debate disaster". And the screen capture of Corsi on Bircher Jone's Infowars and Prisonplanet site. Because Romney's 'slip' came from running on 9-11 (2012) terror attack 'truth'.

Brad Blog amplified coverage from Zack Beauchamp from Think Progress's story: that Romney and his campaign waited 14 and 9 days, respectively, to refer to the attacks as terror. Anyone keeping track can see that Romney waited 2 weeks to say it, then lied and accused the President of waiting 2 weeks to say it.

October 14, 2012

+1, Thanks.

In the GOP response to Prez O's 'State of the Union' speech this year, Mitch Daniels gave rave reviews to the creation of these jobs that are rooted in Chinese Communist serf labor conditions. Mitch was simultaneously shoving 'right to work' laws down his constituents' throats, while Indiana hosted the Super Bowl and the NFL Players union joined fellow AFL-CIO members in actively opposing his attacks on American workers and jobs.

The "Up" with Chris Hayes show that week-end did a roundtable discussion on the State of the Union speech and the response, during which a GOP speechwriter (for Condi Rice), named Elise Jordan, glibly dismissed concern for the documentably terrible labor conditions that corporate out-source moves spawned in Apple Corp's labor dorms. She advised us not to look at 'the grisly underbelly' of the visionary business model expressed by Steve Jobs, but to regard it and him as laudible and important because 'Americans don't want to look backwards, they want to look forward'.

It was an Orwellian phrase, since the repugs have been 'looking backwards' and attacking US Labor and good jobs as 'communist' and 'bad', since the late 1800's. Their whole 2012 campaign is currently based on telling America how great it was 'backwards' in US history, before Social Security, unemployment insurance, and Medicare existed, before labor had rights, before Roe v. Wade, before women had rights, before the Jim Crow poll tax was outlawed, before Civil Rights, before governmental regulation or oversight of businessman 1%ers. David Axelrod aptly summed it up by saying they "have the foreign policy of the '80's, the social policy of the '50's, and the economic policy of the '20's". But never mind, now the GOP wants to 'look forward'.

They look forward to making us compete with foreign workers who live in grinding abject misery, in a 'race to the bottom', as the USW film you posted puts it. They look forward to making us work like enslaved communist workers.

They look backward to attack labor and good US jobs, unless they want to look forward and attack labor and good US jobs. It really doesn't matter which way the hypocritical GOP looks, because whenever and where ever they look, they think that American labor is 'communist' and 'bad', but actual Chinese communist labor is 'all American' and 'good', as long as Apple, Bain, and Sensata make a huge profit.

The Chinese Communist corporate GOP. So delusionally, insanely sure of their frankly treasonous game plan, that they're now running a 1% aristocrat whose 'job' it is to destroy good jobs and create slave jobs, and profit from it. My money is on the 99% of working Americans winning in November, not the treasonous bad communist 1%er repugs.

October 14, 2012

Dug up an old Maddow clip from 3-30-12.

It runs a bit long (16 min), but if you skip to minute 7, 15 sec and view it thru min 11, 45 sec, you see something that Maddow & co call "The Mitt Romney Surrogate Problem". All kinds of big GOP endorsers are shown giving Mitt tepid or harmful endorsements.


I also like the clip of Newt calling Ryan's 'Kill Medicare' budget plan 'Right-Wing Social Engineering', and the subsequent clip of Newt saying 'anyone who quotes me on that is lying'. I can't find those clips, but they're memorable.

October 11, 2012

Are the repugs REALLY running on 9-11 (2012) security failures?

Yeah, they are. Just saw Crawford and Rose on CBS a few minutes ago, inserting coverage of Issa and his team of shit head repugs as a big issue, around their coverage of Biden-Ryan's debate. Quoting a Condi Rice op-ed, of all things. Rove repug nat'l security spin.

Retailing jaw-dropping treasonous hypocrisy as 'business as usual', so Americans double-think about the repugs' sterling national security record. Repugs are 'strong' on national security and foreign policy issues.

I hope V.P. Biden does a 90 second riff on Eichenwald's NY Times story in the debate. On the one hand, we have the smirking chimp's failures to heed pre-warnings and the Dems subsequently showing the way a 'loyal opposition' acts when a foreign attack occurs against us. On the other hand, we have our Administration's 'failure' in this attack, and how the repug 'loyal opposition' acts when we've been attacked. Rhetorically ask what that dolt Issa and his party has done to investigate Eichenwald's 9-11-01 revelations.

Attack, don't defend. Take it to these creeps.

October 9, 2012

Crystal clear picture of Romney Repugs presented here

Reveals 'foreign policy weakness', budget and economic policy weakness, intellectual weakness, moral turpitude, poor work ethic.

The porcine Sununu projects the smug stupidity and laziness of l'il bush onto Prez Obama, to promote the candidacy of his guy, who doesn't read his foreign policy briefs, but who also has 17 out of 24 l'il bushites as campaign foreign policy advisers.

Lip-less sneering Giuliani appears on CBS about 9-11 pre-warnings gone unheeded (just 2012-vintage though, not the new Eichenwald info on the 9 pre-9-11 warnings that l'il bush ignored, to the detriment of Giuliani's electorate). We get the same hypocritical projection from the stellar oversight efforts displayed by repug House majority party Rep. Issa's lightning-quick investigation of 9-11 (2012) 'national security failures'.

They're all working to promote the gaffe machine who generated massive ill-will for American foreign policy in every nation he visited, while on tour to display his foreign policy chops 2 months ago, and who answered a total of 3 questions during that whole time from his press pool.

Their patented 'wrong about everything' strategy is designed to give all of us heart attacks, like Belushi giving a Week-end Update editorial speech. Or at least to temporarily incapacitate us during the time we spend keeping our lunches down.

October 4, 2012

Agreed. It's all viewed through the corporate mass-media filter.

TPM did 2 pieces of analysis of CNN's debate take. They covered CNN's John Berman 'fact-checking' Romney's $5 trillion dollars in 'closed-loopholes' claim, where Berman 'checks' by saying 'if you take him (Romney) at his word', he has a way to pay for his tax cuts for the rich, so the claim that Romney has no way to pay for the $5 trillion tax cut is false. And TPM linked to CNN's 'snap poll' of the debate, which 'showed viewers think Romney won', where the sampling appears to be devoid of anyone who isn't a Southern white person over 50 years old.

The debate tape compilation of Romney continually talking over Lehrer, refusing to shut up or concede that his time is up, shows mass media's magic debate moderation deference. The repug candidate, who answered a total of 3 questions to his press pool during his disastrous 'foreign policy tour', is taking it to the press (the debate moderator), playing smash-mouth on the media for the edification of his yahoo followers. He usually is afraid to answer questions from the media, is much more comfortable telling millionaire backers what he truly thinks. But media must maintain debate decorum, unlike the typically weak repug candidate. The same 'level playing field' that promoted appearances of competence and competitiveness for Reagan, Poppy, Quayle, Perot, Stockdale, Shrub, McCain, Palin, is now being used for lame and lyin romney-ryan.

He gets caught telling the truth to his rich buddies, then debate media lets him tell simplistic lies aggressively for his rank-and-file followers, who understand power-dynamics in a way that even toddlers do. Then those unwashed masses proudly crow about their candidate's performance, and CNN will do a poll that shows the repugs' craven candidate 'dominated the debate'. Those rank-and-file fools will now be encouraged to loudly let us know their one-line take aways from this debate. That prospect isn't too intimidating for our rank-and-file, and the campaign is long used to executing triple-bank shots in the media to get around media's systemic problems.

Re Syria and Turkey, Turkey's military propensity to roll over international borders can't have escaped the attention of Syria's gov or the amorphous armed groups that are trying to overthrow it. Someone in Syria fired first anyway, wonder who it was.

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