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I'm going through the whole op and subthreads for the third time, now.

You seem to be pretty polite in the discussion, c_u. Polite disagreement seems to me like the best way to get any kind of progress out of an 'opposing viewpoints' discussion.

I think the links in Octa's post 230, and MinM's 128 and 203 are a better read for me, better than me obtaining and going through a 1600+ page work by an author whose previous work I have read and not found edifying. I don't disregard your feeling that his book satisfies the questions you have or the issues that you think are important in the Kennedy assassination, it's just not for me. I would be more than happy to read the key thorough debunking facts from his book on this issue if you posted them, though.

But insurance companies are in the business to make money. They make money. They rely on actuarial science to assess their risks in insuring people with life insurance policies. There is a high mortality rate among JFK assassination witnesses. Not just people getting heart attacks and strokes, falling from windows, having plane trouble, single car crashes, and the like, but people who were shot, stabbed, bludgeoned, etc. The actuary, who is an expert in the field, unlike Bugliosi, was just saying in effect, "An insurer who writes the policies for all of these people, taking their ages, lifestyles, and occupations into account, will chance to make money from insuring them a hundred thousand million billion times, as opposed to having one chance to lose money." That shows a much higher mortality rate among the sub group of witnesses/connected individuals versus the population as a whole with the same ages-health-occupations, and indicates a very large statistical anomaly. Luckily, no single company insured all of those people, because the one in 'one hundred thousand million billion to one' chance came through.

Regarding one of your earlier posts below, 'Oswald as Commie Proselytizer in the Marines' is one of the more outrageous ideas that the 'official story' offers to the American public. Not being impolite to you here, just the idea itself is absurd to the extreme, but is 'officially true.'

You may be thinking of 'Computers and Automation'

instead of Computer World. Here's a link to an article title list:


You could also use this site's search box, type "computers and automation" into it. Some of the hits are relevant.

I was impressed by an end-note to a '93 documentary on the assassination. It said that the London Sunday Times had commissioned a study by an actuary, on the untimely deaths (within 4 years) of so many people connected to the JFK assassination. The actuary calculated the odds that all those witnesses would be dead, within that time period, to be one hundred million billion to one. 100,000,000,000,000,000 - 1.

3 other points:
Membes of the Prez's Secret Service detail partied the night before in a nightclub owned by an associate of Jack Ruby. Seems to be serious dereliction of duty, considering the virulently anti-Democratic Party and anti-Kennedy atmosphere in Dallas at the time.

The parade route, that the Sol Bloom Agency had mapped out, was changed at the last minute to go right on Houston, then make the slow hard left turn on to Elm, instead of straight ahead on Main.

The S.S. limo driver stopped the vehicle when shots rang out, instead of speeding up, the obvious protocol. If he had sped up, Jackie would have been catapulted off the back of the limo, instead of being shoved back into the limo by the running agent who caught up to the slowly moving car.

+1, thanks.

About the 'anti-semitic link' issue, I notice that anytime there is a criminal conspiracy from the far-right, a host of far right freakshow personalities pop up and contribute 'information' about the issue. Liberty Lobby, Scientologists, Larouchites, Alex Jones, all jump in and report some factual aspects of the scandal, with their whacked out spin and falsehoods added.

Their job is to discredit the non-'nazi wackos' who are reporting the true facts of the issue, to make it easier for willfully ignorant/blind people and actual bad guys to deny the facts. The blind or bad nay-sayers can then ignore or castigate the legit non-nazis by lumping them in with odious groups of people.

And 'conspiracy to commit' charges are a dime-a-dozen in our country's legal system. Two guys talking beforehand about robbing a 7-11 is conspiracy to commit. Frequent and pedestrian. But when big criminal acts occur, the easiest way to derail discussion of the powerful people who planned and executed the criminal act is to 'pooh-pooh' reporting about the facts by typing 'conspiracy theory'. The double think is that the legal system sees 'conspiracies by the low' everywhere in the country, and these blind or bad yutzes simultaneously get to see 'conspiracies by the high' no where, and claim the 'intellectual realist' high ground, all by typing two words. This allows our legal system, which is controlled by people on high, to get away with not prosecuting the high level criminal conspirators, like Judge Fuller, Rove, l'il bush, etc.

Kochs help fund Third Way, maybe? nt

If not Ms. Kennedy, how about Ed Markey? nt

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