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Definitely will.

The 1 866 OUR VOTE and 1 866 MY VOTE 1 phone numbers were working for '04 and '08 Presidential elections, to report problems and irregularities. League of Women Voters has a contact button on their Vote411.org web-site.

Bev Harris's Black Box voting, Brad Blog and the Velvet Revolution, Fitrakis and Wasserman's FreePress.org, Mark Crispin Miller. If anyone I know has a problem, I'll encourage them to contact everyone. That way, even if their individual vote doesn't get counted, their attempt to vote will count.

Our county ran out of provisionals in 82 Dem stronghold voting precincts in '04, which backed up the voting lines, for hours in some places, so people who couldn't wait were blocked from voting. Our elections people had printed < 20 % of the ballots Philly supplied for the same population, and Rove's Sproul \ Lincoln Strategies repugs had been merrily re-registering voters to different precincts and party affiliations, using bogus petition drives for 'auto insurance reform' and 'protect battered women' to get the voter's info. Allegheny County ranked # 1 in the nation for reported complaints (6,089) about election problems, surpassing Wayne County Michigan and Broward County Florida.

About half of the 8,000 provisionals cast were later found 'invalid', according to elections officials. But notice there have been zero cases of voter I.D. fraud prosecuted in PA, and you have to sign an affidavit to cast a vote. I think that shows that the 'invalid' ones were invalidated due to repug election fraud activities, or Attorney General Rubble would have prosecuted someone, and Breitbart and O'Keefe would have done a hard-hitting expose of 4,000 'illegal' attempted Dem voters.

Marty Levine from Pgh's City Paper covered one woman's two month effort to see if her provisional ballot 'counted'. After calling and also punching her nine digit number into the county elections web-site many times, she finally on Dec 3 got the message 'Counted because.' . Not a comforting message, but her efforts and media coverage of them means her vote attempt definitely counted for something.
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