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Member since: Wed Nov 23, 2011, 05:50 PM
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+1. Sen Boxer and Rep. Tubbs-Jones contested the '04 Ohio Electoral vote report.

It was only the third time in US history that an objection occurred (Tilden-Hayes 1877, Nixon-Wallace 1969, are the other 2.) Their objection used U.S. Code Title 3, Chap. 1, Sec. 15. A big part of the '04 election theft they contested came from Sproul and Associates work on 'voter registration drives'.

Mark C. Miller described Sproul as the RNC's 8th largest expenditure in the '04 elections, and described Sproul's work record as 'involving fraud, deception, copyright infringement, the systematic disenfranchisement of untold thousands of Democrats and Independents, and the secretive reregistration of still further thousands of Republicans without their full consent' (p. 154, 'Fooled Again').

Sproul used bogus pre-election petition and registration drives in Ohio (and here in Pittsburgh, and all over the US), to get the info of voters, who they would then re-register to other party affiliations and other precincts. The confusion this caused at the polls helped back the lines up for hours, and resulted in thousands of provisional ballots being cast, then discarded and not counted (because the voter wasn't registered to vote where they thought they were).

"Sproul '04" made the repugs' hysterical accusations against ACORN for 'voter fraud' in '06, '08, and '09 a little hard to swallow. I wrote Maddow's show during the pimp O'Keefe fake scandal, to request that they do a show on 'Sproul vs. ACORN', because it would give the good side a chance to go on the attack and expose repug hypocrisy, while simultaneously defending ACORN against false charges.

It was icing on the cake that Sproul's people falsely used the names of progressive groups like America Coming Together and America Votes to fraudulently re-register voters, since the America Votes group was a coalition effort that included ACORN (!), along with the NAACP, NARAL, the Sierra Club, MoveOn, etc. AP reported on 9-21-04 that AV said they were filing a lawsuit to stop Sproul from misusing their name. So there actually WAS some voter fraud committed by 'ACORN', but it was really just committed by Sproul repugs while they were illegally using ACORN's name. And the fraud only benefitted the repugs.

+1 Cenk, Mr. Eichenwald, and Hissy.

Very important story on repug foreign policy and 'national security' credibility. Should get big national attention.

Christopher Plummer did a stellar Pat Robertson impersonation

in Dan Aykroyd's 'Dragnet' re-make.

Plummer's reverend character was also the head of People Against Goodness And Normalcy, when they were trying to sacrifice that woman to the giant snake. Maybe Robertson could suggest that course of action to the abused male spouse, for the next time she threatens him with the rolling pin.

Cenk started strong, then veered into Springer territory. Ana, right on.

Repug treason causing another US foreign policy crisis, to mess with US elections, again.

Western powers backed some amorphous group that was powerful enough to topple strong-man dictator Ghadaffi, but the new gov's forces couldn't prevail against this well-trained and armed group that hit our embassy.

Attacks in Egypt and Libya for the anniversary of 9-11, in response to some obscure pin-head whose video even foreign policy junkies never heard of til now. While Romney and Netanyahu rattle the sabre vs. Iran, and Obama.

Happens every time a Dem gets into the White House. Mumbai attack kicked off the current Admin's foreign-policy battles, and the ship that carried the attackers (the MV Alpha) was jointly owned by CIA and ISI.

The repug oil-nazi wing of the CIA strikes again. Can be read easily, even with eyes closed.

+1, l c., from Local # 5, Pgh., PA.

Rank-and-file. Wife is AFT # 400, her national prez is marching here on Labor Day.

At the Philly labor jamboree a few weeks back, maybe you caught the young woman organizer's speech about intimidation on the job by Human 'Resource' consultants, against union efforts to organize the casino workers up the river?

Hopefully, some Pitt Labor Day marchers will continue walking past the parade route's terminus a few hundred yards to support UNITE hotel workers' action picket of the Hilton Wyndham, by Point State Park. Our Transit Workers, CWA & IBEW telecom workers, Postal Workers, SEIU, Teachers, and Ironworkers, have already had high-profile mass actions all around town.

Happy Labor Day to all. Labor isn't afraid of how weak we are. We're afraid of how strong we are.

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