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Mc Mike

Mc Mike's Journal
Mc Mike's Journal
December 2, 2017

The major rift in the dRump white house has always been birchers vs Jewish wiseguys.

dRump is an anti-semite. Likes hitler, retweets nazis constantly, etc.

But virulent anti-semitic nazi birchers are half of his foreign policy/ international relations/ national security team, and wiseguys like Kushner, Cohen, Sater, Epshteyn are the other half, they were the only thing dRump brought to the table personally, in terms of international connections.

He has italian and irish wise guy connections, too, but those people haven't been players in current events. dRump used Roy Cohn, but screwed him over as soon as it was safe to do so. He's not friends with his wiseguy buddies, he has no friends. He just low-keys his anti-semitism pro-nazism if there's money to be made.

The issue for his admin has always been 'how to keep a coalition of nazis and Jewish wiseguys intact'. Now a bircher gets flipped, and we get to hear the birchers blame 'the Jews.'

They were going to attack 'the Jews' anyway, so it's just sore loser talk from our american nazis.

'The Jews' are a very small percentage of the US and world population, so if they really did everything the nazis are always blaming them for, they'd all have to be as busy as one armed paper hangers, and be capable of Flash/quicksilver levels of speed. No sensible statement is ever going to come out of the nazis, their brains function like a cuckoo clock keeping time in hell.

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