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Mc Mike

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Member since: Wed Nov 23, 2011, 05:50 PM
Number of posts: 9,084

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Birchers and opus dei catholics can agree that tRump epitomizes holy moral religious values.

His entire life up through today is a holy example to emulate, to get closer to Christ.

Countless times, people come up to him and say 'sir', then they die. And He's had to reach down and give them their life back. Happens all the time, in all the crowds of ordinary chrisitian Americans he's always wandering around in.

They're always trying to touch the hem of his trailing tie, too.

Fuck bircher christians and bill barr.

It's a disgrace how they broke into that safe, people tell me they've never seen

anything like that before. And I know all about safecracking, I've seen it for years.

They're trying to make us look bad as possible, he blubbered.

All they have to do is hold a mirror up to you, Rump.

Apropos of nothing, remember when JarJar wanted to use Russkie SCIFs

so Rump repugs could communicate with Russia, secure from US intel monitoring?

Now they want to make sure we can't communicate about Russia and Rump repugs, in US Intel SCIFs.

John Barron told Rump that.

Excellent point, president dumfuk.

Dolty Donny, well done. nt

Pro dRump forces were ALMOST able to get 400 people to attend their

'Defend Glorious Shitler' event in the nation's capitol.

Almost 400 defenders turned out in a capitol where they're in charge of the Senate and White House. About 50 million Americans live within a 4 hour driving radius of DC, in the most densely populated Eastern seaboard corridor.

Shows that there's no there, there, in terms of physical reality based Rump base adherents' support.

His pitiful few base fans aren't just blubbery whiners, like their hero, they're also deadbeats, apparently.

Brett was always a pro, despite his failings in choosing a political party.

Twitler said Obama founded ISIS. Twitler knew all about ISIS.

Then he came into office and had nobody in mind to appoint as Special Presidential Envoy for the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS. He didn't even know he had to appoint someone to fill the position, he had no clue. So he had to beg Obama's appointee, Brett McGurk, to stay. He had beg the 'founder of ISIS's' guy to stay manning the position as the head of the US fight against ISIS.

Then after 2 years of McGurk sticking it out working for him, in December of '18 Rump said ISIS was defeated, so he's pulling out of Syria. McGurk said he was quitting because of that, and Rump said he didn't know McGurk, the guy he put in charge of defeating ISIS.

He knows all about ISIS, knows ISIS is defeated, he just doesn't know the guy who he'd put in charge of defeating ISIS.

Rump performed at the usual Rump level of competence. Be stupid, lie, fail, say you succeeded greatly and hugely, show you're stupid and incompetent again, and lie again.

Don't be stupid, be a smartie.

Come and join Rump's nazi party.

Disappointed dunsky, fake candyass half a wiseguy.
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