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Mc Mike

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Member since: Wed Nov 23, 2011, 05:50 PM
Number of posts: 9,084

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Why are 'they' hiding the stuff from 'us'.

Repug hypocrites, liars, projectors.

I think you missed the boat re Sheeran's 'labor activism' on behalf of Hoffa.

I hear you paint houses = I hear you're a hitman for hire, which is the first thing Hoffa asked Sheeran. The movie showed Sheeran's 'activism' on behalf of 'labor' and Hoffa in Chicago. Another rival union, the SIU, wanted to organize the cab company, so Hoffa had Sheeran get goons to destroy the cabs.

That wasn't done to benefit the working man and woman, it was done to knock out another union which was a rival. Sheeran wasn't being asked to threaten a boss or paint a boss's house, he was asked to attack another union and the livelihood of the workers who were going with a different union.

I'm a union member myself, have been in 3 unions, including Teamsters 249 (card in withdrawal), and currently IBEW 5.

All unions aren't corrupt, the most mob corrupt unions, like the Teamsters, kept backing the repugs, like Hoffa backed Nixon, like the Teamsters backed Reagan. And the repugs always back the management types who fight hard to take away all of labor's share of the pie.

Antisemitic nazi bircher fake 'christian' tRump hump repuglican.

That murderer in Pittsburgh was a Q guy, funny how that didn't keep Rump from using Q as a support brand for him.

All the field agents who were interviewed had the same story:

"They just kept jumping into the boat, boss. Honest. We tried beating them off with the oars and everything."

Surrounded by pedo flunkies, screaming about pizza parlor basements.

Well, I respect your insights as a post-er here.

I don't know what anti-semitism has been coming from Corbyn or his mps, no Tommy Robinsons or Steve Bannons that I can see on the Labor side. We know Bannon is a nazi, we know he's hooked into Johnson and tRump. Then we get to hear how much tRump and Johnson are opposed to 'anti-semitism'. They're nazis.

I don't believe there is a blindness from the Brexit side about their anti-semites, it's a feature, not a bug. It is extremely unusual for a religious leader to weigh in during a UK political campaign, and I feel it is obviously proffered in bad faith, since the Rabbi isn't making a high profile statement about both sides.

Got caught bribing shitler, eh, nazis?

Rump was a late speaker, as a child. But his first words when he was 5 year old

were 'unfair to tRump'.

He's used them millions of times since then. His favorite phrase.

Here's how it is. tRump sets out to commit some crimes,

and despite having the best memory in world history, he immediately forgets about wanting to commit the crimes.

He then tells everybody under him and around him to commit the crimes, then forgets he told them. He then remembers he told them he wants the crimes committed, and follows up with them to demand progress reports on the crimes he wants committed.

Then he immediately forgets that he followed up with demands for progress reports. Then he demands the proceeds from the crimes he wanted committed, then he immediately forgets all about it after he receives the proceeds. Then he forgets he knows all the people under him and around him who he ordered to commit the crimes. He doesn't know them at all, and can't remember even meeting them.

Then he's questioned about it, and says he has no memory of any of it. Then he remembers to check on the proceeds of the crimes to make sure they're still there. Then he swears under oath that he can't remember.

Blubberin nazi.

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