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Mc Mike

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Member since: Wed Nov 23, 2011, 05:50 PM
Number of posts: 9,084

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Chip off the ol' Blubb-rer.

Forty-four times he answered, "I don't remember;" 51 times, "I don't know."

I have to thank Mr. Bankston for the observation he made at 1 hour 40 min, ~ 11:11 am in the depo.

"You don't use a teleprompter on your show. In all these videos, you just rattle 'em off, you say 'portapotties, Bloomberg e-mail, greenscreen, helicopters, in the woods, school was closed, videos show it was falling rotting apart, swat team', you just rattle 'em off without a teleprompter. ... And you were able to do that without a teleprompter, but today, sitting in deposition, ever since you got sued, all the sudden you can't remember anything, right?"

Scummy ranting mutant bircher.

Funny how on his show he pretends to have categoric knowledge and memory of all these past historic events, remembers every nuanced little particular that 'proves' the official story is 'a cover up'. Then when he's off his show, deposed under oath, he can't remember anything and knows nothing about everything.

Weasel. Nazi.

He DOES tend to blubber a bit,

now that you mentioned it.

I can hardly hear myself think over the constant din of his blubbering.

'It's so unfair', der Blubbrinfuhrer blubbered.

Professional victim, world champeen whiner. Such a 'strong man'.

The Rump admin is very busy looking into fake foreign 'crimes' committed by American citizens

in Ukraine; so they're too busy to look into real foreign crimes committed by American citizens (from the Rump admin), in the UK.

You sure don't act like it, shitler.

Release all the documents. Order your flunkies to testify. Come in and testify under oath. etc.

Then someone might believe you want an immediate trial. Otherwise, it appears you're lying your ginormous ass off again, like usual.

All Rump's lies are the most transparent, most easily debunked, lamest lies ever.

Any half assed lie he feels like belching up is good enough for him.

Even when he isn't being held accountable for the first time, he DOES tend to blubber a bit.

Thanks, Ramsey. Great link. Nt.

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