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Mc Mike

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Member since: Wed Nov 23, 2011, 05:50 PM
Number of posts: 9,022

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How'd ya catch us? Were the subpoenas the tip off, for you?

That precedent should be bad for Rump and his white rights fans.

Same thing with the tRump repugs telling health workers they should feel free to break the law, if their religious views tell them to do so. If the repugs outlaw Roe v. Wade, the precedent has been set, by the repugs, for all Pro Roe people to break the law.

Oh, is it infrastructure week, again?

All your guys were russkie bots, mein blubbrinfuhrer.

Blubbering coward, garbage person.

He was just the happiest he's ever been, now he's furious. Dipso.

That plan to monitor disabled vets' social media posts, to make sure they're not too happy,

shows how much Bonespur and his admin love our military.

is twisting herself into the victim, a classic bully move. rec, nt

Sanction allies. The russian sanctions, don't bother enforcing.

No collusion. You're the puppet.

His delicate fee-fees are the most important thing of all.

That's why we hear him blubbering so much.

OK. Add that to the list of things they lied about for years, which are actually not illegal.

Rump's immaculate security clearance grants, paying off the porn star for the election, deal to build tRump tower moscow, prez-elect's nsa doing foreign policy deals with russia, getting cyberwar help for his campaign from America's enemies.

Nothing wrong with any of that, and it isn't against the law to lie to America. Who knows why they kept lying and lying and lying, because they're actually proud of all that stuff they were lying about.
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