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Mc Mike

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Member since: Wed Nov 23, 2011, 05:50 PM
Number of posts: 9,089

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He's very rich, worth 10 or 11 billion dollars.

He just can't afford to comp himself for his security costs that he incurs at his golf club, while we're paying him for him to go golf.

Cashed a 13 cent check from Spy Magazine, one time.

Basically, he's a fraud and pos in every way.

By 'latest models', they mean 'known for days'.

AFL-CIO Union Picket Rights:

A Good Union Member Respects Picket Lines

A good union member is extremely careful when confronted with a Picket Line situation. When a picket line is established on a job where s/he is working:

S/he leaves. S/he does not talk -- just leaves.
S/he reads the picket signs as s/he leaves.
S/he does not hang around near the job.
S/he knows that once a picket line is established, her/his business agents and other union officials are legally gagged and handcuffed from giving advice pertaining to that job. They can only tell her/him if the picket is authorized.
S/he does not allow her/himself to be drawn into conversation with anyone at the job site.

A Good Union Member Knows Her/His Rights

S/he has the right not to work behind any picket line.
S/he has to right to decide for her/himself whether to walk off a job being picketed.
S/he understands that her/his trade may be under attack next.
S/he knows that a two gate system means a picket line and s/he has the right not to work, no matter how many gates the employer sets up.

Don't talk to the union about a union picket. Turn around and leave. Try again tomorrow. The boss and company will figure out real quick that you aren't coming in to work, and why. (The last para is my basic paraphrase and sum up.)

I especially like how he fired his N.S. Advisor, and invited the Taliban to the Oval office

just in time for the 9/11 anniversary.

Only a doublethink-pushing repuglinazi would ever do those things.

I've always loved the 'puffed up poison toad' pose from prez shithole.

It looks like the Viking and the Naked Man have come to a parting of the ways.

If he openly commits felonies, high crimes, and treason via bullhorn,

that shows he's proud of doing it, so it isn't criminal treason.

I'm starting to think he committed felony foreswearing when taking the oath of office, though.

Teigen 2020.

Great. This asshole's a catholic, too.

Comes from the Santorum Gingrich end of things. A catholic dominionist.

Pope Francis has gotta start tossin some of those babies off the sled.

Look at Barr's holy leader. Represents every good holy and moral value Barr has.

He does look a little old, fat, bald, ugly, funny colored, and greasy there.

Also looks a bit stupid, and truculent with the mussolini chin jut.
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